Sometimes they don't get away with it

Almost two years after he lost his attempted political comeback, former State Senator Bill Branton was ordered to pony up $15,000 for a last-minute sneak attack mailing:

Former state Sen. Bill Branton was ordered Thursday to pay $15,000 in damages to former Dorchester County Council Chairman Skip Elliott in a libel suit, according to an order handed down by First Circuit Judge James Williams.

The lawsuit stems from the 2006 Dorchester County Council District 7 race where Elliott claimed he was libeled by Branton in campaign literature in June of that year.

This is the second situation arising from Branton’s County Council campaign. Last July, he was fined an undisclosed amount and found in violation on four counts of state ethics laws that require filing campaign contribution forms.

- Summerville Journal-Scene (2/14/08)

Branton attempted to duplicate a dirty trick that had been employed against him in his failed 2004 Senate re-election campaign - created a fictious third-party group to send out an attack mailing making false and over-the-top charges against the incumbent. Usually when campaigns pull this kind of stunt, they get away with it.

This time, the culprits got caught, and paid dearly for their games. If only it happened like this more often.

2 Response to "Sometimes they don't get away with it"

  1. Anonymous 15/2/08 10:31
    One part of this that is residue of hte literacy test being the ability to recognize the "Big D" leve on the old voting machine is that it appears that only Republicans are capable of libel and slander, at least it certainly appears that liberal lawyers can get away with saying anything about their opponents and teh fix is still in with the judge.
  2. Anonymous 16/2/08 16:06
    what a scuzball.


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