Special thanks

... go out to a group of Blogland readers who invited yours truly to join them for an evening recently. I always enjoy meeting my readers, getting to know them, and letting them know how much I appreciate their readership.

I was asked not to reveal the names, professions, or affiliations of those at the event, and that's something I always respect. But I had a great time meeting all of them. They're a real credit to their profession (I think), and their dedication and loyalty to their "leader" was quite admirable. One should be proud to have friends like them.

Thanks again, please keep in touch, and as always, stay tuned ...

3 Response to "Special thanks"

  1. Mike Reino 17/2/08 16:24
    It wasn't at a Heaven's Gate Cult reunion, was it? All I get invited to are GOP Meetings in Wyboo. At least Moye cares...
  2. west_rhino 18/2/08 10:41
    As long as we didn't get calls to help raise bail...
  3. Earl Capps 18/2/08 11:02
    West, DH and the Bs took good care of me. It wasn't that kind of a wild event anyway.

    I always enjoy meeting my readers.

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