Stay tuned for shocking news about State Rep. Carl Gullick

We're sure the Governor's people are gonna be drooling at the prospect of reading this exclusive. Be sure to tune in Monday for all the shocking truth, right here in the Blogland.

4 Response to "Stay tuned for shocking news about State Rep. Carl Gullick"

  1. Anonymous 21/2/08 12:38
    i can't wait to see this.
  2. ol' Grandad 21/2/08 14:50
    almost as shocking as news that a young Darby was coveting someone elses Webkinz...
  3. Earl Capps 21/2/08 14:54
    We've been getting word that phones and broadband lines across the state are buzzing with this ... so we're gonna bring it you even earlier. Look for the revelations to roll forth in the morning.
  4. houston texas moye 21/2/08 17:44
    I have to fly out at 715 AM. How early before you post it.

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