Stupor Tuesday is over

Ok folks, it looks like Stupor Tuesday is over ... and so is my birthday. It looks like we all survived the day in one piece.

If your name is Joe Daning and you live in Goose Creek, congratulations - you're now a State Representative. You get to work out of town three days a week, for five months a year, and for all that, you will get paid a lousy twelve grand a year.

Does that mean you won?!?

If you're a Huckabee or Romney supporter, it's time to have the guts to admit to yourself that the GOP race is over. Don't feel bad about it - after all, it's not like your guy was a one-state winner, like Walter Mondale. For those of you who don't know who he is, he's the dude on the left.

If you're John McCain, congratuations - you won a healthy delegate lead from coast-to-coast. Now you're all but assured the GOP nomination. Use this opportunity wisely.

If you're a Democrat, yesterday was the one day that could have produced a clear-cut winner ... but didn't. On points, Hillary won the day, but barely.

This morning, the Political Groundhog came out of the hole, looked from California to Massachusetts, saw the delegate count, and predicted six more weeks of Democratic primaries. Good luck, guys. We'll be watching you ... laughing our asses off as you slug your way through two dozen more primaries, caucuses and conventions to figure out who your nominee will be.

Last, but not least of all, if you were me, you got a free dinner from your boss, some birthday cards, some cash, some gift shopping cards and some hugs.

On Stupor Tuesday, it may have been my birthday, but for all you political junkies, there were presents galore. Some good, some bad. Whatever you got, be sure to make the most of them.

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  1. moye graham 6/2/08 19:09
    have a nice birthday week

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