We deliver the shocking truth about Carl Gullick ... EARLY!

Our shocking news about State Representative Carl Gullick was so good, we just couldn’t keep this cat in the bag … or a straight face … long enough:

We’re at the Blogland are making Carl Gullick our first endorsee of the 2008 election cycle.

That’s the first shocking revelation. The second is that we’ve known him since way back to the beginning of his political career.

Why would we endorse Carl for re-election? Simple – it’s about leadership.

Carl started out in politics in 1992, when he toppled the Democratic chairman of York County Council, leading the council’s first GOP majority. In fact, we were there and we walking neighborhoods and putting up signs right alongside him, even at 2 in the morning.

When Carl Gullick took office, York County was, to sum it up in a single word: broken.

The county had lost millions in illegal investments of retirement funds, taxes were out of control, county government was regularly the subject of protests of dozens … and then hundreds of county residents, and there was no clue about how to address problems that were facing the county, including congested roads and replacing thousands of jobs lost due to the collapse of the textile industry.

Carl was asked to serve as chairman of County Council on his first day. Maybe they planned to make the new guy the sucker and sacrifical lamb, since the last three Chairs had all been ousted at the polls amidst feuding, finger-pointing, and political gridlock.

Fortunately, for both Carl and York County, this story ended very differently.

For his entire eight year tenure, Carl Gullick was Chair (he gave up the seat to challenge Congressman John Spratt). In that time, they voted the Pennies for Progress program, and then 71% of voters approved renewing the 1 cent sales tax. Industrial development increased notably and county government began to work for the people instead of over and against them. Carl Gullick was one of those who looked beyond the present crisis, believed things could be turned, and worked to make that vision a reality.

That’s the kind of leadership you don’t find very often.

Carl Gullick was, as he is now, a bit unconventional and not afraid to speak his mind. He doesn’t take orders or follow agendas, but has remained the deep thinker who sees solutions, and works hard to make them happen. In today’s world where scoring political points often seems more important than solving problems, Carl Gullick has earned another term.

Those people who appreciate the quality community that York County is today owe much to Carl, even if they don’t realize how bad things used to be. Those of us who were there before he took the helm back in 1992 know this all too well. That’s why we support him, and so should they.

Those of you who were hoping for shocking truths to be revealed that would suit your own political agendas … we're sorry, but that’s all there is. We know it’s a bit lame, but the joke’s on you! Stop taking things so seriously, get out there, and have a great weekend!

5 Response to "We deliver the shocking truth about Carl Gullick ... EARLY!"

  1. Anonymous 22/2/08 12:41
    Everybody knows that 2 am is the best time to do a sign blitz.
  2. Anonymous 22/2/08 16:10
    And this was the same shocking news I have heard about Carl for a few years.
  3. lake marion moye 22/2/08 19:43
    true about the signs. a good choice indeed.
  4. Anonymous 23/2/08 18:28
    Or if you work for Tompkins, its a good time to steal them.
  5. David Birley 30/5/08 09:08
    Sincerity is vital. If you can fake that, you have it made ... but what if the sincerity is real? The only way to find out is to study the track record.

    Carl's sincerity and integrity go waaaaay deep. Unfortunately that means that by definition the political machines that resort to lies and skullduggery will manage to marginalize him, when he represents what the Republican Party really needs to clean up its act.

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