Whose words?

Without fail, new media YouTubers are quick to respond to the brewing controversy over Obama's supposed affection for Deval Patrick's speeches by conducting their own content analysis of their speeches. One product of these content analysis efforts made its way onto YouTube.


This is not to say we're taking sides in the Democratic presidential race, but many of you have noticed that we like snaring people with their own words. It's a bit of a fun sport, but behind it is the belief that words matter, and that everyone should be held accountable for what they say in order to get elected.

Our long-time readers know we're equal opportunity about who we shoot around here. When we catch 'em, we skewer them equally here in the Blogland.

Even Barack Obama.

4 Response to "Whose words?"

  1. Brian McCarty 19/2/08 23:55
    Since the two men are good friends and Obama got the suggestion for the word use from his friend, I see this as a non issue.

    It certainly did not work for Hillary in WI tonight.

    What's next? That Obama secretly prefers vanilla ice cream to chocolate?

    I thought Team Hillary would hit with more punch.
  2. west_rhino 20/2/08 10:35
    Oddly, in an ex post facto interview on Good Morning Amerika, Obama's buddy offered that he told O-dog to use his words...

    We could see some nice quotes of first lady Hillary... "I have no recollection of that Senator... I don't recall... I don't remember..." all cycling over a medley of the instrumentals from "Bring Me Forget-Me-Nots" and "Memories"

    From the undertone I'd picked up, the McCain Mafia had best hope Obama gets the nod.
  3. Mattheus Mei 20/2/08 10:39
    I have to agree with brian - it seems that this has become a non issue and as much as HRC has tried to stick it to him the more he comes across as the democratic teflon candidate - the same holds true for her barbs about Rezco... teflon - hmm - sounds familiar? Oh that's right, one of Reagan's nick names was the Teflon President because even his opponents couldn't make their negative attacks stick. Perpahs HRC will try and say this next...

    I of course am an unabashed Obama supporter as you know, but appreciate your equal opportunity "skewering."

    Thanks for the Video link Earl!
  4. houston hobby airport moye 20/2/08 15:58
    I could care less about either. I think both are junk mail.

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