Blogland forces seize 6th District GOP in morning coup

With little warning, forces from the Blogland took virtually total control of the Sixth Congressional District’s Republican Party, seizing a number of strategic offices throughout the organization. Staggered by a barrage of material, stunned observers could do little but watch the events unfold.

Mike Reino, the author of the SC 6 blog and regular Blogland commentator from Florence, was elected Vice-Chairman without opposition, while Moye Graham, another Blogland ally from Clarendon County, was elected Secretary/Treasurer, as well as to one of the three national delegate slots. The other two national delegate slots went to Lt. Governor Andre Bauer and Dr. Joe Flowers.

According to Earl Capps, who planned the Blogland’s morning attack, “things couldn’t have gone better. Our people are in key positions throughout the party and we have three delegates going to the national convention who will all do their part to see to it that John McCain is elected President.”

Concerns that Bauer and Flowers weren’t part of the Blogland plot were dismissed by Joe Schmoe, a political analyst who escaped during the final armored assault: “The Blogland endorsed both of these guys in the last election. You can’t tell me there’s not a connection.”

Having completed their takeover, reports circulated that another offensive would be made to attempt to seat Earl Capps in the Treasurer’s office, which he had attempted last fall. However, these rumors were dismissed by Blogland officials on the basis that “he went to South Carolina schools, therefore he can’t count.”

6 Response to "Blogland forces seize 6th District GOP in morning coup"

  1. Moye of the Graham clan 22/3/08 17:40
    Thanks again for the attack.
  2. Nancy Corbin 23/3/08 00:15
    I was very suprised to be the ONLY delegate from Berkeley County to attend the 6th District Convention. Where was our illustrious leader? I guess he was busy trying to unify the party. Does anyone know who is paying for the unity party he is throwing since there was no request for funding at the last Exectutive Board we go again!
  3. Anonymous 23/3/08 03:57
    Nancy, you know ol' Wade has trouble when he's driving around Orangeburg.

    You just never know when one will run into some of those pesky DUI checkpoints.
  4. Mike Reino 23/3/08 11:23
    Berkeley and Charleston don't consider themselves 6th District counties, hence no Wade or Cyndi. Sometimes we've had trouble finding them in Richland, but they were trying to help Celestine.

    Our biggest challenge will often be ourselves, but this time I'm not asking for votes - I got a job to do, so I don't plan on being as nice as before. Tough Love !
  5. Anonymous 24/3/08 11:59
    mike, oddly I thought Linda Butler Johnson was the Chucktown warhorse that was in 6th CD and that Cyndi didn't run for re-election, being succeded by Lin Bennet.

    We hear though, that there could have been another Arnette clone installed in Chucktown.
  6. Moye Graham 26/3/08 22:43
    So is our Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer going to accept this position from the 6th District Convention or run at the State Convention like he said he would. He asked the people at the Orangeburg Convention not to vote for him. Wonder whats up with this. This would move Kevin Hall up to Delegate behind me.

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