Congrats to South Carolina's newest (and coolest) judge - Kristi Harrington

Last night, the Blogland was one of many guests at the swearing-in ceremony for Wonder Woman ... uh ... we meant to say Ninth Circuit Judge Kristi Harrington.

When the baliff walked in and called "all rise for the Honorable Judge Kristi Harrington", we've never seen a courtroom audience jump to their feet so quickly.

Sworn in by her predecessor, Judge Danny Pieper of the Court of Appeals, she was flanked by her son Grayson. Thanking a large cast of supporters and associates, including court staff, the staff of the Berkeley Solicitor's office, legislative supporters, leaders of the state Federation of Republican Women, local politicos ... and even yours truly ... the remarks were brief, humble, and gracious.

We've been around state politics for a while, but we don't see such a diverse gathering of supporters for such an occasion, nor do we see such a high level of respect and admiration shown for the person in question. That should say a lot about her.

Harrington's election stands out as one of the most "outside" judicial races in South Carolina history due to the volume of discussion prompted by the state's new media outlets. As our readers know, a lot of that discussion took place here, or was prompted by the discussion that took place in the Blogland.

Clearly Judge Harrington has a unique following among the state's new media types. While some of their discussion of her candidacy is somewhat light-hearted, the respectful undertones are obvious. As to how this level of exposure will define her tenure on the bench, or affect the state's judiciary as a whole, only time will tell.

It is our hope that other judges and judicial candidates will follow her lead in making the system a little more transparent (and in doing so, we believe a little more accountable) through new media outlets such as the Blogland. Our door is always open to them, and as always, we promise them a fair and respectful opportunity to talk with us and our readers. Other blogs and news sites offer them much the same kind of reception - when they're ready for that discussion to take place.

We believe this isn't the last chapter in her career of public service, and we look forward to keeping up with her ... if indeed it is possible to keep up with someone so high energy.

For her friendship, courtesy, and cooperation in opening up a part of state government which is usually kept out of the public eye, Judge Harrington has our appreciation and our respect - we're proud to call her "Your Honor".

For her drive, commitment, and willingness to persevere as a person, an attorney, an underdog judicial candidate and now as a judge, she has our admiration, as well as our prayers and best wishes for a successful career on the bench.

Good luck, Your Honor.

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  1. Anonymous 29/3/08 20:51
    Congratulations Kristi! You have certainly earned your new position. Best of luck to you, (not that you will need it, when you're good, your're good)

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