Katon Dawson clears the air about Berkeley GOP breakfast club

One of the rumors to come out of Wade Arnette's failed coup attempt of the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club was that somehow the state GOP leadership encouraged Arnette to take over the group.

When the Blogland caught up with Katon Dawson at the Sixth District GOP convention last Saturday, he took a moment to share with us his side of the story. We could have thanked him and let it go at that, but we are strong believers in giving people both sides of the story. Therefore, we wanted to let our readers know what was discussed, so that this rumor can finally be put to rest.

Katon said that in no way did the state party encourage or support Arnette's effort. He said that the first time they heard about the trouble was when news of Wade's stunt appeared on the Blogland. He also pointed out that it is their position that such groups are independent of the state party and the county party organizations that are part of the official South Carolina Republican Party, and as such are not subject to the authority or control of either their county or state party organizations.

In addition, he pointed out that the use of the word "Republican" in no way places an organization under the control of the official Republican Party at the local, state, or national level.

He even said that in front of others, so that sounds like the official word on the subject. As far as we're concerned, the rumors of state party involvement are untrue and Wade's coup attempt was what it was - the lashing-out by a small circle of those angry they can't control everything and everyone. From the American Legion hall in Goose Creek to the state GOP headquarters, apparently Wade Arnette has nobody willing to back him or take his side - pretty sad for a supposed county party chair.

We appreciate Dawson's time, as well as his willingness to affirm that groups like Schuster's Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club are free and independent of outside control by those who don't always like them having freedom of speech or autonomy of action.

Let's hope that Arnette will come to realize that if he wants to be a real Republican leader, he'll spend more time building bridges and less engaging in intimidation, trickery, and character assassination.

A few apologies and a little more respect would be a great way to start.

4 Response to "Katon Dawson clears the air about Berkeley GOP breakfast club"

  1. out of this hot sun soon moye 27/3/08 19:26
    Just when you think you have Katon figured.
  2. Linda Riney 28/3/08 16:45
    Well, there goes poor Wade, right under the ol' bus. It's fortunate there's a lot of room under there for the others who will, no doubt, follow him in the coming months. I would like to go on record by reminding everyone of one fact: In politics, "truth" is determined by the person who happens to be speaking at the time. I will, of course, remind everyone of this at some point in the near future.
  3. Anonymous 29/3/08 21:13
    Excellent reporting on this my friend. It's imperative that these clubs "protect and defend" their independence. I see it not only as a free speech issue but also protecting organizations that go a long way in holding both elected officials and party leaders accountable to the grassroots. Again, great reporting job, Earl!!

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