Moye Graham for 6th District GOP delegate

Those of you who are planning to attend the upcoming 6th Congressional District GOP convention have something important to do: Vote for Moye Graham.

Moye is running for the National Convention Delegate seat from the 6th District, and we’re proud to support him.

Moye is a Blogland favorite. In his traveling work assignments, we can always count on him to visit the Blogland and add his thoughts and wits to the latest postings, no matter what continent he may be on.

He’s a Pee Dee native from Greeleyville in Williamsburg County, and he’s presently the 1st Vice-Chairman of the Clarendon County GOP. Moye has been a hard-core GOP trooper in a region where there are few Republicans, and even fewer GOP victories. But win or lose, Moye is the kind of trooper who will, come hell or high water, be there to fight the good fight. All the way down to putting up signs and walking precincts.

This is a guy you can always count on. In choosing a delegate, such reliability and loyalty is indispensible.

“I’m not in it for me,” he told us. “It’s often a cliché, but I mean it. I want to make sure we put our best possible foot forward this year and lay a foundation for my grandchildren.”

The Blogland is only as good as our audience, and Moye is one of the most outstanding members of that audience. In fact, we consider him, like all of our fans, family. If you enjoy reading what you see here, we recommend you “shop our advertisers”, so to speak.

Your vote for Moye Graham at the 6th District GOP convention is a great way to do it.

7 Response to "Moye Graham for 6th District GOP delegate"

  1. Michael 14/3/08 07:25
    I agree 100 percent. SCHotline is also proud to recommend him national delegate as well.
  2. Anonymous 14/3/08 10:12
    Now which for cabal will Earl be accused of fronting?

    As a blogger, does this endorsement have a dollar value that requires an (un)Ethics Commission filing?

    Given that consideration by SCEC would probably consititute an ex post facto law or statute, would they have the obdurate gall to, if the smoked filled RINO backroom objects to Mr Graham, unconstitutionally charge after the blogosphere?
  3. Moye Graham 14/3/08 12:30
    Thanks Earl.
  4. Mike Reino 14/3/08 20:27
    I have the feeling that this won't be the only Moye endorsement...
  5. Nancy Corbin 14/3/08 23:37
    Did you notice the article in the newspaper today about the Treasurer of the GOP National Party caught stealing funds? Instead of trying to hide this they had an audit, fired the treasurer and called the FBI...What a concept!
  6. Moye Graham 15/3/08 13:18
    Thanks Michael at SCHotline and Mike Reino at SC6 for the kind words.
  7. Moye Graham 26/3/08 22:50
    As most people know I did win a spot right now. Thanks again to everyone that helped. My question as before is whether Andre Bauer is going to accept his delegate spot from the Orangeburg Convention. When he gave his speech before we voted he asked the people not to vote for him as he would run at the State Convention. Being the 6th District a lot of the people wear hearing aids and so forth and was just so glad that the 6th District had themselves a politician that was elected to something they voted him in anyway. Now I like Andre and will support him in Columbia. Hugh Weathers ran as a write in and made it to Alternate Delegate and he is from the 6th District. If Andre says no to the 6th Distrit this means Kevin Hall moves up to Delegate under me. Then someone else moves up to Alternate under Hugh. Seems like Tommy Grimes and Mike Reino better get busy figuring this thing out.

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