My last exam

Today (Wednesday) is my final exam of graduate school - a two-hour oral comprehensive exam, with just me and three professors. No study guide, no review notes ... nothing but me, my scrambled wits and my big mouth.

Y'all wish me luck and say a prayer for me.

8 Response to "My last exam"

  1. soon to be in galveston moye 11/3/08 23:32
    sure i will say a prayer for you
  2. west_rhino 12/3/08 14:26
    As long as we aren't graced with Saint Earl as a patron for those wiht thier foot in their mouth.
  3. Earl Capps 12/3/08 15:42
    well, i could get a pass or fail. i got a pass, so all that's left is to wrap up my thesis and defend it in about a month.
  4. paul adams 12/3/08 21:55
    conflatulations Earl
  5. Anonymous 13/3/08 15:42
    naughty paulie... I was going to say something about wrapped theses, butt.

    PS Earl, you do turn the other cheek too well (though into cheeky, but that is your charm).
  6. The Vice Chairman 15/3/08 07:33
    I would have used the county credit card to treat my lady on the side to dinner.
  7. Upstate Seal 15/3/08 22:58
    Good to hear that things are going well for you.

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