"Operation Chaos" taking toll on Democratic Prez race?

In the past, all you needed to fight the forces of Kaos were Agents 86 and 99. One call on the shoe phone, and your problems would be solved by the end of the hour.

This time, the forces of Chaos are on the loose, and the Agents 86 (Hillary Clinton) and 99 (Barack Obama) seem hard-pressed to stop their latest conspiracy - to help the Democrats nominate the most-vulnerable candidate for President.

Reportedly a growing wave of GOP crossover voting in Democratic Presidential primaries is being egged on by conservative talk show hosts hoping to see the weakest Democrat win the nomination. This effort has jokingly been dubbed "Operation Chaos" by Rush Limbaugh:

As if Democrats didn't have enough problems deciding upon their presidential nominee this year, now they must contend with the possibility that Republicans are deliberately crossing party lines to prolong the bitterly contested race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In recent weeks, conservative talk radio stars Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham have urged loyal listeners to vote for the much-despised Clinton in open Democratic primaries so as to prevent Obama from sealing the nomination, and there are some indications that their calls have already been heeded in states like Texas and Mississippi.

According to this story on the Time website...

The first clue that Republicans might be making this kind of mischief came in the crucial Texas primary on March 4, a contest that most observers claimed Clinton had to win - along with Ohio - to keep alive her hopes for the nomination. Dave Mann, a political writer for the progressive Texas Observer, was driving to Fort Worth on that primary day when he heard various callers to the Laura Ingraham radio show claiming they had followed her and Limbaugh's call. One even admitted he would now have to go to confession and repent his sins.

In both Ohio and Texas, Republicans and independents were a higher percentage of the votes than in other states ... in Texas and Ohio the two Democrats split the Republican/independent vote. "The Hillary Republicans cost Obama Texas," Mann said. The Mississippi results a week later confirmed the trend. "There was a complete reversal," Mann said, and Obama was now losing Republicans and independents two to one to Clinton.

We're not sure how much of an impact these crossover efforts are having, but if Barack Obama's post-Wright polling plunge continues, a lot of Republicans might have to start switching their support from Clinton to Obama. If these efforts are real and widespread, today's Republicans might make Pennsylvania as costly and bloody a fight for today's Democrats as a past generation of Republicans made it for Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy.

In any event, it's an interesting theory to mull over. At least if you're a Republican. If you're a Democrat, the ramifications may not be very funny at all.

Conspiracy or not a conspiracy? That is the question that we present to you, our Blogland readers this evening ... so sound off and let us know what YOU think.

3 Response to ""Operation Chaos" taking toll on Democratic Prez race?"

  1. century blvd LA Moye 20/3/08 18:59
    I been to all these states recently and I do not believe the crossover vote to be decisive in any way.
  2. Mike Reino 20/3/08 22:21
    Sorry about that, Chief... Missed it by THAT MUCH !
  3. west_rhino 21/3/08 10:04
    Let me see, crossover was the howl in SC in 2000, over Dems for McCain, since they were on the honor system for their caucuses, that thye hadn't voted (wink, wink) in the GOP preference primary.

    OTOH, the Carville imps and demons driving the politics of personal destruction machine keep getting a pass by the MSM that they're slapping on the back and thanking for continuing hatchet jobs on Obama.

    Chcek recently broken headline on Obama passport record and compare with FBI and other records on Republicans demanded by Hillary while Bill was co-president last time. Follow the $$$ trail to the media elite friends (owners) of the Clintons. Quo vadis Eisner, partucilarly since Disney Company bought ABC and insinuated Georgie Stephanopolis.

    As the crap comes to light, PO'ed voters will stay home OR as the Pug Ravenel nomination being vacated led to, voters in retribution going to the other party (e.g. Governor Jim Edwards).

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