What would YOU do with $4300?

While we may not always know who the Governor of New York was sleeping with, we're willing to bet that after spending $4300 on a female other than his wife, he's probably sleeping in the doghouse these days.

We in the Blogland have to ask ourselves a couple of questions, such as ... "was it worth it?" ... and "I know what I can probably get for $50 or $100, but wow, what does four THOUSAND dollars get me?!?".

Since it's a good enough question for us to ponder, we figure it might be a good one to share with our readers. So we're going to ask our readers to put themselves in Elliot Spitzer's place (ok, well ... but not in his bed, even if he's paying those who get in it rather well) ... and answer today's Blogland Reader Quiz:

"What would YOU do

with $4,300?"

... because we'd rather not want to know what you'd do FOR the money!

"What you do for money honey" - AC/DC

8 Response to "What would YOU do with $4300?"

  1. Anonymous 11/3/08 16:25
    beer and hookers. free sex & hi times. party like hell dude!
  2. brazoria county texas moye 11/3/08 21:57
    Maybe I would take a great fishing trip to south america with someone special.
  3. Anonymous 11/3/08 22:17
    Damn sure not one call girl from NY. Maybe a week in Rio, and a heck of a lot more than 1 hour. God Bless America and the expat one liner,"I am looking for a new wife".

    And the horse he rode in on........
    (was that Helsinki or Bankok).
  4. Monkeydarts 12/3/08 08:59
    $4,000 to pay my wife's credit card bills and $300 to the Club For Growth.
  5. Anonymous 12/3/08 15:33
    must've been pretty good stuff.
  6. Anonymous 12/3/08 15:41
    moye, with that much money, you could rent someone even special-er.
  7. Anonymous 12/3/08 17:40
    Freud says you are abnormal, or either you have a hot wife. However, assuming the latter, what would she do to hide those credit card bills from you? LOL Just kidding man , but the club for growth is a lap dance around here.
  8. galveston texas moye 13/3/08 09:06
    not me i am always true. i want to wake up alive. also you get what you give.

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