What's at stake in Zimbabwe?

Many of us sit back and take things for granted when it comes to the freedoms we have. We trivialize our political process with intellectual cheap shots and petty personal attacks, and think we can afford to do so, because we're better than other nations.

That's why we try to stick to the high ground here in the Blogland. Just the issues - no divorce files, drug habit rumors, or any of that childish crap. We've stuck to the high ground, tried to be fair, and for the most part, so do most others ... but down in Zimbabwe, they're not so fortunate. For years, they've had rigged elections, intimidation of the opposition, and all sorts of sordid things from a government who can't offer results, so they cheat to get their way, and if they can't steal it, they'll take it by force.

Trade words for billy clubs, and you'll find that while this seems rather nasty, some of these thugs and their dirty deeds aren't so different from some people here. They're all out to steal and intimidate, to take what they can't earn, and to avoid accountability for their actions. Ethically speaking, they're about the same.

In Zimbabwe, the results of Mugabe's rule have been shocking and are well-documented, including this young victim of the destruction of that nation's economy, along with its once-prosperous agricultural system:

Shocking, isn't it? That's what's at stake in today's elections in Zimbabwe. You can find more pictures about the collapse of a nation online at http://zimbabwedemocracynow.com/toolkit/v/photographs.

In spite of the threats, the intimidation, and the probability that fraud will nullify their votes, the people of Zimbabwe are pouring out in droves today. We wish we could be there to stand with them. But we'll be sure to say a prayer for them - and thank God that while it's not perfect here, it could be worse.

Please join us in our prayers for Zimbabwe.

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  1. Greeleyville moye 29/3/08 13:18
    You know I will be in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria next month seems Shell has more work to do. I would love to make it to Zimbabwe but will avoid it if possible. I have friends from and in that part of the world. The inflation rate is off the scale. It takes one million of their money to buy a loaf of bread. No joke. The only economy left is the black market. One of the reasons for the collapse is his land distribution where the white farmers land was taken and given to the majority african black. Now these white guys had been there for centuries also. They divided these farms into little pieces and this caused them not to be very profitable because you cannot take a 500000 dollar piece of equipment and farm two acres etc. Also the brain drain any person with enough smarts got out of there. Not only was it bad on the whites but several black factions also. The President is a bad man. The President is also stupid. We need to pray for all of Africa and also that I may get out of there when my job is over.

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