Witherspoon, 9th Circuit Solicitor candidates visit Berkeley GOP breakfast club

Today's meeting of the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club was far more quiet than last month's meeting.

In spite of reports that Berkeley GOP Chairman Wade Arnette might come to apologize for his attempted takeover, as well as false allegations of financial mishandling by the breakfast club's chair, Arnette did not show up at the meeting. Other Arnette close allies who had been breakfast club regulars, including Wayland Moody, Bill Fennell and Bob Ashby, were not at the meeting.

Even without their presence, the turnout was one of the group's largest in years, with over 100 attendees turning out for a heapin' helping of grits, eggs, and political rhetoric.

GOP U.S. Senate candidate Buddy Witherspoon addressed the audience, calling the incumbent Republican Senator "too liberal for South Carolina".

Republican Solicitor candidates
Blair Jennings and Scarlett Wilson addressed the audience. Jennings discussed the record of the Berkeley County Solicitor's Office, where he reduced the backlog of cases to much lower than Charleston County, which Wilson managed before being appointed Solicitor by Governor Sanford.

Many of their answers to other questions produced little tension and considerable agreement between the candidates, including the handling of the "Mount Pleasant Ten" and the recent firing of an assistant solicitor accused with waving a gun at a motorists.

There was brief discussion from the three GOP candidates running for House District 117, being vacated by Rep. Thomas Dantzler - Bill Crosby, Tim Scott, and Wheeler Tillman, as well as long-time GOP activist Zonda Powell, who announced her candidacy for the Berkeley County School Board.

5 Response to "Witherspoon, 9th Circuit Solicitor candidates visit Berkeley GOP breakfast club"

  1. De'Anna Trout 1/3/08 12:14
    this morning was the largest crowd
    that has ever attended!!!
    What a pleasant atmosphere!
    Charlie Schuester now you know just
    how much you are appreciated,"good
    always wins in the end,over power hungry and greedy people!

    Thanks to Earl Capps,your popularity has increased,I click on
    your blog everyday!Also thanks
    to Wheeler Tillman,Linda Riney and
    Nancy Corbin.
  2. Nancy Corbin 1/3/08 12:46
    What a great meeting we had. Berkeley County Republicans have shown that while leadership of the local Party may be in disarray and out of touch, Berkeley Republicans can see through the smoke. EVERY person wishing to ask a question was given the opportunity to speak and candidates were all treated equally. Now if we can just get the Berkeley County Republican Party Executive Committee to follow suite we can get back to meeting our objective of electing Republicans to office.
  3. NYC Manhattan Moye 1/3/08 18:47
    sounds like a good crowd
  4. Kyle Bush Rocks My World 2/3/08 18:38
    GO BLAIR GO! Scarlett Wilson is more concerned with politics than prosecuting criminals. Its time for her to GO!
  5. Linda Riney 2/3/08 21:08
    Without a doubt, the March 1, 2008 Republican Breakfast was the most pleasant event I have attended in a long time. The atmosphere was light and happy and Charlie conducted the meeting with his usual expertise. Everyone was allowed to ask his/her question. Charlie even arranged for a qualified person to take the podium to answer an out of context question. Far be it from me to suggest this amiable milieu was due to the people *not* in attendance, but.........

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