800 postings, and still nothing's on

This posting marks 800 postings in the Blogland - hooray for us ... right?

Frankly, we're amazed that we've made it this far ... even though lately, it's been a lot of strange stuff and bizzaro crap as we've struggled with finishing the thesis process.

We tried to ponder the importance of this milestone, and ... well ... uhhhh ... we didn't find anything profound to talk about. So instead, we'll talk about some of the other 800s that you will find out there.

There's Olde English 800 - a fine alcoholic beverage for discriminating individuals with sophisticated and refined tastes. You can bet whereever you see them drinking Olde English, you can see and smell the success.

Well, maybe not that, but we're willing to bet you'll see and smell things that you'll never forget. Something at least as profound and memorable as the Blogland itself.

Then there's another 800 ... last year, Liverpool, that city in England well-known for being the birthplace of the Beatles, celebrated its 800th anniversary.

Being "from around here" ... born at Roper Hospital and spending much of our youthful years on James Island ... we think we're from a place that is old and historic. But then you take a place like Liverpool that goes back over half a millenia before Charleston - well, THAT is something truly amazing.

Thanks for tuning in folks, and keep coming back. Be it high class or low class, may the luck of the 800 be with you this weekend.

... now back to the books ...

2 Response to "800 postings, and still nothing's on"

  1. lake marion moye 19/4/08 21:12
    been quite a ride
  2. Mike Reino 20/4/08 09:56
    800.. Isn't that the same amount of ex-wives you've had? Just getting ready for the Roast !!!

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