Ace of Spades - a Motorhead classic

We've said it before, and we'll say it again - Motorhead is more than just a great heavy metal band ... they are the most indestructable form of life on the planet. When the nuclear holocaust comes, and even cockroaches die, Lemmy Kilminster, their lead singer will live on.

Yep, we're still wierded out from working on this thesis ... could you tell?

Our all-favorite Motorhead song is the classic "Ace of Spades". Shown below, they performed the song for the BBC comedy series "The Young Ones" (as motley a bunch as Motorhead itself):

If you'd like to see the "regular" version, performed in concert ...

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  1. Mike Reino 25/4/08 07:35
    Time for a quote from 'Airheads'... Who's more important - Lemmy or God? Answer: Lemmy is God !

    Maybe not, but the wart on his face is of mythic proportions !

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