Aces High on Ed Force One

Iron Maiden is on their ongoing world tour, flying on Ed Force One, a special 757 dedicated to the use of the band, their crew and their equipment. Piloted by none other than lead singer Bruce Dickinson, who apparently is a licensed pilot.

This "Maiden" voyage has enabled the band to hit nearly two dozen cities around the world in just over 40 days. Quite a feat.

Let's just hope Dickinson doesn't decide to recreate some of the RAF dogfighting tactics memorialized in their classic song "Aces High".

2 Response to "Aces High on Ed Force One"

  1. Mike Reino 29/4/08 07:39
    One may call it a 'Flight of Icarus'. Let's hope the wings aren't made of wax.
  2. Maiden Rocks 29/4/08 10:26
    Those guys totally kick ass.

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