Coming this summer: I-26 widening in North Charleston

My company, U.S. Group, Inc., was the lowest bidder for the Interstate 26 widening project in North Charleston.

This three year project will include adding one additional lane between Ashley Phosphate Road and Interstate 526, as well as rebuilding the interchanges at Aviation and Remount Roads. It's going to be a hell of a project - especially when the Remount Road interchange is entirely closed for several months to rebuild it.

This is probably the state's most complex and complicated urban Interstate widening and reconstruction project since I-85 at US 25 and I-185 in Greenville. At $74 million, it is one of the largest contracts they've ever issued. Especially for a project without a major bridge in it.

You can keep up with this project on the web at ... or you can let me know and I'll try to answer your questions.

For those of you who don't know, I'm responsible for public and media relations for my company's highway construction projects. That includes designing and updating project websites, organizing community meetings, liasions with community leaders, sending out media releases about lane closures, responding to public inquiries, and all sorts of other stuff.

It's not politics, by any means, but it's all part of being the ONLY highway contractor in South Carolina with an on-staff communication specialist and an in-house public relations program.

No offense to those of y'all who work in politics, but I'll admit that it's nice to have a stable job in the private sector.

4 Response to "Coming this summer: I-26 widening in North Charleston"

  1. La Guardia Airport Moye 7/4/08 21:37
    I am happy for you guys. Most of all I am glad to see this happen. Wish they would widen it all the way to Columbia. Then get I 95 from Georgia to NC. Make it 6 lanes all the way.
  2. Anonymous 8/4/08 08:27
    The weblink is inaccurate. Check it and delete the part.
  3. Earl Capps 8/4/08 08:41
    it's fixed now.

    right now the website is still nothing more than a "coming soon" page, but more is coming soon.

    i don't know how the blogger interface added the "www.blogger..."
    part, but it does that sometimes.
  4. Anonymous 8/4/08 13:03
    Disrupt traffic around CSA galleries and Speaker's Mafia will be the least of your worries...

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