The end of the line (I passed)

Even though the title of this Judas Priest album is "Point of Entry, whenever I see this album cover, it seems more like "the end of the line" to me.

It's official - my thesis was reviewed, defended, and accepted. Having successfully defended my thesis, as well as paid $6.50 in library late fines, I'll get to graduate in two weeks.

My eight-and-a-half-year academic journey reached the end of the line, so perhaps it was fitting that I would think of this album today. Perhaps the end of the line, as the album cover says, is just the "Point of Entry" for whatever is to come next.

.... I want to thank my thesis committee members:

  • Dr. Amanda Ruth, my graduate program advisor,
  • Dr. Vince Benigni, who also supervised my senior project in '04, and
  • Dr. Elena Strauman, who (as expected) came up with some of the most insightful comments and recommendations.
Even though he was unable to participate in the thesis committee due to his usual overload of academic duties, thanks also go out to Dr. Robert Westerfelhaus, who has been a true friend and mentor through years of undergraduate and graduate work. He's been a real source of inspiration, a deliverer of torment and pain, and one of the people most responsible for how I've come as far as I have.

Thanks to them, as well as everyone else for the encouragement, patience, and prayers along the way.

8 Response to "The end of the line (I passed)"

  1. moye graham 23/4/08 19:39
    Congratulations Man.
  2. Taft 24/4/08 09:10
    Congratulations, Earl. It was a long time coming. You earned it.
  3. west_rhino 24/4/08 12:03
    Bravo Zulu Mr. Capps!
  4. Seal 24/4/08 18:10
    Congratulations, Earl!!! I know you have worked hard on this, and accomplished a ton.

    Have a party and celebrate, and if you are ever back in the upstate give me buzz.
  5. Earl Capps 24/4/08 18:21
    West - did you mean B)ravo S)ulu?

    Some might argue an MA in Communication is an MA in BS.

    Seal - what I need to be able to do is crawl into my bed, curl up in a ball, and sleep for 10-12 hours a night for a couple of weeks.
  6. Not leavin til I'm heavin 25/4/08 03:26
    dude, i wonder what a seal would act like with a few bong hits. don't give the rhino any, because that could be dangerous.

    congrats, guy. go get a few hits yourself to celebrate. as we used to say - PARTY TILL YOU PUKE!
  7. speaker's mafia 25/4/08 04:24
    I guess now you are a made guy. Welcome to the post grad family.

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