Endorsement by solicitor's widow shakes up 9th Circuit Solicitor race

The 9th Circuit GOP race for Solicitor has all the potential for a highly-charged race - both candidates were deputy solicitors under Solicitor Ralph Hoisington, who died last year.

Blair Jennings was in charge of Berkeley County, and Scarlett Wilson was in charge of Charleston County. After Hosington died following a long fight with cancer last year, both intended to run to replace him. When Governor Sanford's intended "caretaker" appointee turned down the interim appointment, Wilson was appointed. Shortly thereafter, Jennings was out as the deputy solicitor for Berkeley County.

Yesterday, Michelle Hoisington, Ralph's wife, released a letter backing Blair Jennings for the office:

Friends -

Keeping our families safe by taking violent criminals off the street was always Ralph's passion. I believe Blair Jennings shares that passion. That's why I support him to be our Solicitor.

As Ralph's Deputy in charge of the Berkeley County Solicitor's Office, Blair proved himself to be an effective leader capable of getting the job done. Just look at his proven record of results:

(The list of accomplishments was removed to shorten this posting)

It is more important than ever that we have a Solicitor who has this kind of successful record. Blair's work ethic is unquestionable and I know he will work even harder when elected to follow Ralph in the 9th Circuit Solicitor's Office.

We need a Solicitor who will get the job done, not play politics with this important office. That's why I'm asking you to support Blair's campaign.

Whether it's a bumper sticker on your car or a sign in your yard, your show of support would mean the world to me.

You never know when your family might be the target of a violent criminal. As a resident of Berkeley or Charleston County, we must help elect the best candidate who can keep us safe. I know that Blair Jennings is the person we need as Solicitor.

We have the opportunity to continue Ralph's legacy by electing a hard working, honest, and proven prosecutor.

I hope that we can count on your support.

Michele Hoisington

WOW ... we're pretty certain that such an endorsement will fuel a long-simmering standoff that observers have long expected to explode into one of the hottest races in the Lowcountry.

In this race or any other, if you have news, please pass it along. Once this thesis stuff is done in a couple of weeks, we want to start covering the primary races on both sides of the party line.

Of course, we can't do that without your help, so your campaign news tips are always appreciated, and kept confidential anytime you request anonymity.

2 Response to "Endorsement by solicitor's widow shakes up 9th Circuit Solicitor race"

  1. Mike Reino 10/4/08 08:14
    Hey man, enough of this hard-hitting, ascerbic, local news... Where's the Shatner , baby???
  2. Anonymous 10/4/08 12:45
    Hmmm... this is a race that should cut into the Dems primary, leaving some wondering if a Riley puppet grabs the nod from Robert Ford's grasp in Charleston, ditto the race to see who runs against Wallace Scarborough.

    Editor's note: The content of this comment was revised to removal disparaging personal references. Play nice, y'all.)

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