Headbangers - Mark your calendars

For those of you out there who love your rock and roll hard and heavy (like we do), be sure to mark these dates on your calendar:
  • April 20 - Megadeth plays the Tabernacle in Atlanta
  • April 22 - Whitesnake's new CD - "Good to be bad"
  • May 13 - Dokken's new CD - "Lightning strikes again"
  • May 18 - Jackyl plays the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach
  • June (sometime) - Judas Priest's new CD - "Nostradamus"
  • July 22 - Dokken and Sebastian Bach play the Lakewood Ampitheatre, Atlanta
  • Summer (sometime) - Motley Crue's new CD - "The Dirt"

Expect more concert dates to be announced in upcoming weeks as bands start hitting the road. We'll be sure to keep you up to date ... and you can bet if it's a great rockin' show - we'll be there!

2 Response to "Headbangers - Mark your calendars"

  1. Mike Reino 15/4/08 08:02
    Jackyl's coming to town? I'm greasing up my chainsaw as we speak !!
  2. Anonymous 16/4/08 12:23
    i'm waiting for the coroner's tour, featuring elvis, kurt cobain, jerry garcia and some the others who've mastered their booze and drugs.

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