The Holy Low Rider

Yesterday at FITS, they ran a photo of the papal-mobile. A low-rider with some sharp-looking rims - where'd they find a ride like that?

It reminded us of that classic song from the 70s, "Low Rider" ... check out the YouTube of the opening of the Cheech and Chong classic "Up in smoke":

2 Response to "The Holy Low Rider"

  1. Mike Reino 18/4/08 07:36
    Using my years of automotive expertise, it appears to be a customization of a Mercedes-Benz ML. The rims, however, look like a set I saw at Da Remedy on Palmetto Street in Florence, and the top is part of left over scenery from the phone booth of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure!
  2. Linda Riney 18/4/08 08:10
    This vehicle is lovingly referred to by Catholics as the "Popemobile". In years past, His Holiness always rode in an open car so as to be viewed by the faithful as he passed by. Then came that nut with a gun at Vatican Square. With this vehicle, the Pope can still be seen but sits behind bullet-proof glass. John XXIII hated it.

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