"I speak English and French ... but not Klingon"

The great William Shatner Blogosphere Madness Marathon continues.

In this video, the great Kirkness himself assures us that while he may not be a Captain, or a cop named TJ Hooker ... he IS Canadian:

8 Response to ""I speak English and French ... but not Klingon""

  1. Anonymous 7/4/08 20:24
    BS! Everyone knows that Vulcan was code word for Canadians, and because they have pointed ears.

    I think I am emotionally taxed as a result of defamation of CPT Kirk. You just ruined my fondest childhood memories. Well, other than the girl on National Geographic September,1972 page 356. Will National Geographicnow be taxed at the 20% rate?
  2. New York Mets opening day tomorrow Moye 7/4/08 21:32
    it has got to stop
  3. Mike Reino 8/4/08 07:24
    Trumped Again !! Looks like I've got some work to do... but I'll be back, and you'll all be sorry... You'll all be VERY, VERY SORRY !!!!

    forgot what movie that was from.
  4. Mike Reino 8/4/08 07:27
    I just remembered.. Trading Places!
  5. Damn it Jim I'm a doctor, not a agent provacateur 8/4/08 13:54
    At least it isn't Leonard Nimoy singing "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins"...
  6. Anonymous 8/4/08 14:41
    baggin' a dildo?
  7. Anonymous 9/4/08 00:54
    dude, this is some strannnnngge stuff going on. what are you smoking? i think you need to drug test yourself again - it seems to me like the result might be different this time around.
  8. dammit Janet, I'm not Dr. F Furter 9/4/08 22:45
    gfhccanon 1441, though the Earl is fiddling with his feces, er thesis, Dildo and Frito Bugger are in Lampoon's Bored of the Rings, discovered in my undergraduate tenure...

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