It just gets worse

Things between this blog and Mike Reino's SC6 blogsite continue to spiral downwards.

That is our new-found sport of picking on William Shatner via YouTube clips. The stuff we discover just keep getting worse.

Today's Shatner jab is his cover of a Frank Sinatra song:

... Mike, now it's your turn.

11 Response to "It just gets worse"

  1. Mike Reino 5/4/08 23:36
    My....God. This is..... the worst......singing... I... have ever seen! Franco is rolling in his grave.
  2. speaker's mafia 6/4/08 01:42
    As a Sinatra fan, I find this about the most offensive thing I have ever found on the net. Please, for the late great one, take this down. :)

    It hurts the Speaker's ears and mine to here this wannabe sing a made man's song.
  3. Mike Reino 6/4/08 10:02
    Hey Earl, what's with the China Gong in the beginning? Even Shatner is laughing before he starts the song.

    When I was 39...It was a very bad year.. For my eardrums were offended....Shatner's singing never ended....I'm sorry, but I have to whine.....When I was 39.

    Thank you. Haiku !
  4. Anonymous 6/4/08 14:59
    Those alien chicks threw their panties at CPT Kirk when he crooned them on the deck of the Enterprise.
  5. Anonymous 6/4/08 16:48
    all i ... can say ... is get ... a life.

    stop picking ... on that man. life is ... cruel enough.

    beam me up ... scotty!
  6. delayed in charlotte us airways moye 6/4/08 16:56
    when will it stop
  7. Anonymous 6/4/08 21:30
    moye, i don't think earl and mike can help themselves. give it up - it's a lost cause.
  8. Earl Capps 7/4/08 00:01
    Yep, we are hopeless. Lord knows if we had a life, we wouldn't be here.

    But it's a fun sort of hopeless.
  9. Anonymous 7/4/08 13:32
    Mr. Capps, Denny Crane will be dealing with you and the Dorchester County smoking ban.
  10. Earl Capps 7/4/08 13:56
    Huh? There's a smoking ban in Dorchester County? What do I have to do with it? Who the hell is Denny Crane?

    What does Denny Crane and smoking bans have to do with a William Shatner posting?
  11. west_rhino 9/4/08 23:15
    It seems that Denny Crane, on Boston Legal, has an amazing resemblence to Mr. Shatner and a notion that a reserve commission in the Guardia Coastal (even if only an E-1) gives him carte blanche to a few too many things, including first crack at thenext green chick to come in the door.

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