Lucy in the sky with diamonds

(You're probably reading this, thinking I'm still buried with that darn thesis ... well, you'd be correct.)

When you hear that classic song title, we're sure the first thing you think of is ... William Shatner.

In watching this, we can't help but wonder if Captain Kirk beamed up a few bong hits to come up with this one ... his rendition - or should we say the vicious, savage raping of - the famous Beatles song.

If you just finished eating or hate seeing a good song wrecked beyond recognition, you probably don't want to see this. But if your name is Mike Reino, you probably can't wait:

Ok, Mike, now it's your turn ...

2 Response to "Lucy in the sky with diamonds"

  1. west_rhino 9/4/08 22:49
    SCI-FI fans would point out that was a code phrase used by Arthur Clarke in 2061 for a suspected item on Europa that led to some shenannigans and plot complications.
  2. wish i was at wyboo moye 10/4/08 18:34
    sitting in charlotte trying to catch a flight to houston on a thursday afternoon wondering why i left nyc in the first place. this is just what i needed.

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