Makin' money and havin' fun with my radar gun

Over on FITS, they're talking about the continuing saga of the South Carolina Highway Patrol, which inspired us to reach into the memory closet and pull out a You Tube clip of a remake of the Bottle Rockets' song "Radar Gun":

3 Response to "Makin' money and havin' fun with my radar gun"

  1. Mike Reino 27/4/08 13:32
    Earl, it's a good thing there aren't any trees in that backyard, or they would be some 'strange fruit' there...

    who are these guys? I think i saw them play a Kappa Alpha party at ECU back in the 80's. Power chords, a girl drummer,and a music stand for the singer to read the lyrics right in front of the stage... uh, lawn????
  2. Anonymous 27/4/08 19:50
    Alright, you young guys, I think really what Earl is trying to opine is Radar Love by Golden Earring. As surely the SCHP loves everyone and just because they beat people after they surrendered and uttered racial epitaths it was just "tough love".

    Maybe Queen would be more appropiate, as another Sanford appointee, "Bites the Dust".
  3. Earl Capps 27/4/08 20:11
    Anon, I was just having a little fun because the song stuck in my head, but if you're talking about people getting the crap beat out of them, you're probably thinking about the song "Twilight Zone" by the same band:

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