Obama campaign cons teens in Manning?

According to Mike Reino over at SC6, the Barack Obama campaign, possibly through a teacher or staff member at the high school in Manning, SC, attempted to con some teens into working a booth for them:

The funniest part of the day had to be the Obama booth. Apparently, the kids at Manning High School were asked to volunteer at the Festival. What a lot of them didn't know was that they would be working at Barack Obama's booth. Many left, and some parents wouldn't even let their kids work there. It would be interesting to see who's idea this was, and what relation they have to the campaign.

Having blown the whistle on more than one attempt to use our schools and colleges as Democratic political machines, several questions come to mind:
  • Who on campus helped the Obama campaign recruit students?
  • Why did they misrepresent the nature of the activity to students?
  • Were official inducements, such as extra credit opportunities, offered to get them to participate on behalf of the campaign?
Lying to people to achieve short-term political objectives ... and possibly using government resources to trick people into helping political candidates ... to us, sounds a lot like good ol' boy politics.

But when those things are being done by the Barack Obama campaign, the same tactics become ... (drum roll, please) ... "Change We Can Believe In".

We're certainly proud of the students who smelled a rat, and decided to go enjoy their weekend instead.

4 Response to "Obama campaign cons teens in Manning?"

  1. Anonymous 28/4/08 13:58
    I heard that the Obama campaign tried to get permission to hold a rally at Lexington High School earlier in the year before the primary. The principal said no, but I guess the campaign got their wires crossed or just decided not to take no for an answer. The secret service and advance people showed up the day the Obama campaign had wanted to do the rally to scope it out for security. The principal had to threaten to call the sheriff before the Obama campaign people finally left.
  2. Anonymous 28/4/08 14:24
    what is this bullshit? you country club republicans are just scared that a black man will be presedent. quit lying. obama is change and he is hope.
  3. Anonymous 28/4/08 22:17
    Second comment is why I'm scared of Obama become our next President of this great country!
  4. home of georgia college and state university moye 29/4/08 20:34
    obama sucks

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