Operation Chaos in North Carolina?

The Barack Obama campaign stumbles out of Pennslyvania into a series of contests which are, for the most part, expected to be somewhat lackluster in his prospects. Super Tuesday II and Pennslyvania put an end to his streak of big wins, forcing him to signifcantly outspend Hillary Clinton. Thus far, his ability to outspend her has failed to score the knockout blows a spending advantge of 2 or 3 to 1 might normally give a candidate in an open race.

The only state where he stands to win big in the upcoming weeks is North Carolina, where most polling has put him in the lead by about 15% points.

But before he can take that for granted, rumors have begun to surface that GOP activists from Georgia and South Carolina, both heavily-red states, have begun planning to travel to North Carolina to assist (unknowingly) the Clinton campaign with it's get-out-the-vote activities. In fact, we got a call asking if we wanted to help ... sorry guys, that's my graduation week, I'd rather party.

In recent years, GOP Victory operations have turned out votes that were crucial to winning key statewide races in all three states, including the 2002 twin-upsets in Georgia by Saxby Chambliss and Sonny Purdue, South Carolina's 10 to 1 GOP majority of statewide officials, and the 2004 North Carolina Senate race. That's ample proof these people know the ground well.

As independent and blue collar white voters, a significant voter bloc in North Carolina, are starting to sour on Obama, the threat of an organized cross-over effort in a state where sneaky tricks by GOP (and Democratic) operatives are everyday business could pose a real threat. A close race there could cost him his last chance to score a pre-convention knock-out, increasing the potential for a brokered convention that could be damaging to the Democrats in the fall.

Or the Obama campaign could pull staff and resources out of Indiana and West Virginia, where they are expected to run close to Clinton, to protect their lead in North Carolina. This might work, at the expense of giving Clinton a good shot at winning most of the other post-Super Tuesday states, again keeping the game running until the clock runs out at the convention.

So long as their nomination battles continue to waste money and time, we're not surprised there are those out to make the most of the present situation.

2 Response to "Operation Chaos in North Carolina?"

  1. Anonymous 29/4/08 13:01
    you loser. you liar. why are you so afraid of change?
  2. milledgeville georgia moye 29/4/08 20:27
    Clinton is toast man

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