Telemarketer harassment and West Asset Management

Recently, I began getting calls on my cell phone from a debt collection agency, asking for my 19 year old daughter, usually three or four times a day. Not knowing the caller, I didn’t answer it for a while, and they didn’t leave a message.

When I finally took the calls, I told them this wasn’t her phone number and didn’t know why she would have given them my number, the caller would demand to know how to reach her. When I said I didn’t know, and told them they needed to stop calling me about her problems, I was told they would keep calling me until they got their money.

According to Fair Debt Collection practices, debt collectors cannot discuss debts with third parties, nor call after they are told not to. In this case, they did both. However, they would not tell me what she owed for, or how much, unless I was willing to “help her out with her problem”.

How nice of them.

I did a web search for the number which showed on my called ID (443-550-7975), which led me to West Asset Management. Apparently, their telemarketing staff likes to use harassing and improper debt collection to shake people down, including third parties such as myself.

While it initally seemed as if a call to the agency (888-433-2886) to tell the lady who took my call that what they were doing was illegal, took care of it, the calls resumed, at a lesser pace. So I decided to get rude and insulting with the callers.

That time, the calls stopped. Apparently there are some times of people whose phone manners telemarketers find offensive (imagine that).

Those folks at West Asset Management are real jerks to whom nothing is off-limits in the pursuit of their money.

If you or someone you know is getting harassed endlessly, you have rights. Check out the FTC’s web page of information for Fair Debt Collection practices:

Perhaps the Legislature needs to look at what can be done to regulate debt collection practices at the state level, to protect the people of this state from these kinds of harassing practices.

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  1. Mattheus Mei 30/4/08 08:54
    A Noble idea for our legislature to be concerned with the harassment of her citizens, but I doubt they'd do anything about it unless they're directly affected by it.
  2. Anonymous 30/4/08 11:02
    I also received a message a few days ago on my answering maching from this company without a reference to whom the call was directed to, what was owed, etc. The only debt I have is my home mortgage which is always current. My 18 year old doesn't even have a credit card, and my older son has one with a zero balance. I also did not return the call. Do you think they would've responded with a demand for something in writing mailed to your home? That's the only way I'll talk to them is if they mail me something in writing.
  3. west_rhino 30/4/08 13:16
    Earl, enforcement of existing laws IMHO is the best option for dealing with some of the losers that work debt collection. Unfortunately, the onus of nailing them is akin to slamming a case against solicitors that ignore the Federal do not call registry, ypu have to make the case, though for a 10% reward on the fines collected from an offender, it could be wortht he effort.
  4. Hey Joe 30/4/08 16:52
    Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is the key. I believe it was passwed in 76 or 72 , I forget.But from the FTC site:

    Also, that sounds like that he wwas making telephonic threats or telephone harassment. The South Carolina Code of Laws will help you. But, call the telephone company and have them advise you how to document electronically.

    Kick'em square in the barney arse.
  5. Speaker's Mafia 2/5/08 04:50
    Hey, even in my business, we don't mess with family for the debt owed.
  6. not a telemarketer moye 5/5/08 18:01
    I know these telemarketers have a job and this is how they get paid but be legal.
  7. Anonymous 21/6/08 16:22
    I just starting getting these calls too. It's an automated msg on my home phone, which I've only had 2 months now, not sure who the call is even for! But I have no outstanding debts and would like these calls to stop. I called and could not reach a live person, so I left a msg with my phone number they are calling and my first name. Hopefully the calls will stop.
  8. Guytano Parks pianist 2/7/08 13:31
    Hey, do like I did: since I only have a MOBILE phone, I assigned the "NO RING" option to the incoming #: 862-881-8983 (West ASSet Management SCUM & ASSociates). Hence, no more disturbances from those jerks, as I do not hear them call (they rarely leave a voice message);-).
  9. KeltWitch 15/7/08 20:39
    These people are ridiculous. I had a medical insurance issue that was filed wrong and for whatever reason ended up on the radar of WAM.

    When the agent calls, they will give no account number - just what is owed and 'how are you going to pay this today?'

    When I ask for an account number, or tell them they may not call me further as per the Fair Debt Collection Act, the stupid agent hangs up immediately - without giving me the information.

    Then, the cycle continues.
    GOSH! This is SO frustrating.
  10. Linda Bottaro 18/7/08 14:58

    I came across your blog in my search for a solution. My story is the same as yours, except it is my son they keep asking for, and got rude, called my job looking for him, and cursed at me. I too tried to get the number. I asked the rep, who called my job, the address to send a letter to, or his supervisor..and he refused both. I have tried in vain to get an address, though I did get one for the headquarters or West Corp. I sent a letter to them requesting they stop calling my job or home. No response. I then filed a complaint against them. The kicker? It was for a 36.00 bill that our insurance company had already paid!!!

    Linda Bottaro
  11. Anonymous 28/7/08 20:06
    I'm grateful to see the comments here about West Assest Management (ph number 443.550.7975). The conversation I just had with "Kevin" was hard to believe. They have been calling me for some time, but I haven't taken the calls as I did not recognize the number on my called ID. Last week I gave in and took the call and then called my daughter to give her their message to call them. She promptly returned the call only to be treated very abusively. At one point the caller from WAM started to sing-song over her voice to the chant of "pay your bill, pay your bill, pay your bill". They called me again tonight (although they were asked not to call my number again as my daughter does not live here), and proceded to twist my words around, call me a liar and tell me I should pay her bill for her. I've called the FTC and filed a complaint. I would be interested to hear from anyone else who has done this or anything else in an attempt to get the word out that these people are unprofessional, abusive pigs.
  12. MzDallas 15/10/08 13:41
    To Mattheus Mei & all the others:

    It is SO easy to get them 'directly affected' by it. Just go to '', put your ZIP in the top left corner's 'Find Your Representative' search box, and it will give you all your elected officials' phone numbers, and the numbers to quite a few state officials.

    I am sure if they ALL start receiving these calls, the various collection companies will abandon this type of harassment.

    =) Works for me!!
  13. Anonymous 18/10/08 21:55
    this all sounds about right. I did work for this company some time ago but not all collectors were jackasses. One of the biggest reasons you will get several calls per day even after you request to be taken off there list is simply the dialer. the dialer has a mind of its own and sometimes it can take a few days for you number to actually be taken out of rotation even after an agents blocks it.

    P.S dont let them piss you off, theyre bored at work and thats exactly what they want to make their day go by quickly ! I know its sick, but its true.
  14. Anonymous 8/11/08 16:27
    From West Asset Management

    West asset management collection agency: How long does it take your customers, clients or patients to pay you for the products or services you have provided?
    Have you developed a consistent collection management program?

    Your answer to the above questions is a leading indicator as to how well you collection management is. Sending an invoice doesn't always result in payment. Successful collection management s a matter of making your payment terms crystal clear and separating west asset collection management agency from new business functions, in other words - keep your emotions out of collection management!. You can't be hesitant or soft in collection management.

    Asset collection management is a sticky subject because it can require getting tough with the very same customers that pay your salary. Many small businesses handle the collection management process in-house, either by having their sales staff with the task of collecting their accounts (talk about playing on both sides of the fence) or by using billing staff that have never had formal collection management training.
  15. Anonymous 21/1/09 00:38
    It blows my minds about some of these complaints...first off, I think maybe 5% of you actually understand the FDCPA...secondly, where do you get your sense of entitlement...the reason debt collectors call you is because you have a debt that is outstanding. If you had met the term YOU agreed to, companies like WAM wouldn't exist. Yes, if there are actual violations of the law going on, that's a problem. But most of the time, its just what you think is the law because you're ignorant. Just as you were ignorant to the terms of the debt you took on, no doubt. The bottom line is how long are people gonna shirk responsibility and not own up to the fact that they are deadbeat jerkoffs that tank the economy by not paying what they finance. America has become a land of irresponsible children that all think they have a sense of entitlement. The truth is, you don't. You're just a dirty debtor, and it doesn't matter how many times collectors break the law unknowingly, how many times they call you or how many times you curse at the poor guy doing his still owe a bill and they're still right to call you.
  16. Earl Capps 21/1/09 00:49
    0038, a lot of these comments are from people who are caught in the middle of other people's problems.

    I don't dispute your observation about the general problem caused by debt and debtors, but what happened to me and others is simply inexcusable.

    You must work for one of these firms, which might be why you didn't leave a name.
  17. Anonymous 21/1/09 01:00
    I again, understand if there are violations of the law going on...that's inexcusable. However, many people's knowledge of the law is limited at best and completely ignorant at worst. Many of the alleged offenses collectors commit are not violations of the law. For example, in your case they disclosed a debt to you. That is illegal. But they also can't lie. Did you ask about the debt? It is also not illegal to contact third parties to obtain information. And one of the biggest complaints I see is that "They ask me for my SSN and refuse to talk to me about the debt until I disclose it." That's an absurd complaint. First, the FDCPA requires that you verify first by SSN that you are speaking to the correct person before you disclose why you're calling. There are a lot of John Smiths in the world. I'm just sick of reading complaints made against collections companies by ignorant debtors looking for a way out of their obligations. I have worked in the collection industry for some time, it's true. And I'm simply tired of ignorant people treating the person on the other line like scum simply because every lawyer on tv says collection agencies are harassing you.
  18. Bippy 16/2/09 10:45
    Ah, Anonymous, your attitude is possibly why it's so unplesant to deal with West Asset Management.

    My husband is a disabled veteran who didn't know the VA would pay his medical bills if they were related to his disability. I called them to find out the exact amount of the debt. I told them the approximate date I would pay them, thinking this wouldn't be a big deal as it was a three year old debt.

    They keep calling me AT WORK. I work nights and they call my emergency business line (right next to my bed in case I have a client emergency). They keep trying to pressure me into a post dated check-an instrument which is illegal. They're rude, they're nasty (I am unfailingly polite), they just assume that I am trying to get out of paying. I have told them from day one I would pay at the end of Febuary, they are calling me every 4 days.

    They do not know the law. We're not down and dirty debtors trying to get out of paying what we owe. Being treated like that is infuriating. I've never had problems like this before and it's really, really, gotten me angry.

    If the only way to get them to stop waking me up at work is to heap verbal abuse on them, I don't WANT to but god damn it, I will. I do NOT like trying to be plesant to someone who's being a bitch to me on 3 hours sleep.
  19. Anonymous 25/2/09 02:00
    I have been in collections in various forms (Mgmt, B2B, Credit Card, etc.) for 13 years and it comes down to this simply.
    1. If you are getting calls for someone else at your home or getting mail sent to your house for someone else - call them back and let them know to remove your number and on the mail write "not at this address and send it back". Companies pay for mail forwarding.
    2. If you have a debt, (a)you can be called at work (until you advise not to call any further or they can verify your employment). Then they cannot continue to call at work. (b) if they call you on a cell phone they must stop once you advise them not to call the cell phone because it incures debt on your part. (c) if they are calling your house they can call 1 time a day from (8am - 9pm) in your time zone unless you submit in writing to cease. There are some states which limit the speaking to spouse or calling more than 1 time in 7 days...

    If someone is speaking using bad language, threats, etc... get it on tape... Then call the company back and ask for a manger/supervisor advise what happen and play the tape. Then advise you want to settle for a lesser amount 30 - 50% off.

    If this does not work, document everything including your tape and see an attorney and have them file an attory general complaint along with the BBB.

    Good luck
  20. Anonymous 25/2/09 10:38
    I have been receiving telephone calls from West Asset Mgt. company for about a month asking for a return phone call @ 1-866-512-8707 with a reference number they leave. The person they are asking for is my ex-wife from almost 20 years ago, and with whom I have very little contact. I finally called them back and they pressed me for a telephone number for the ex-wife---which I told them I do not know. I was tempted to tell them she died last year, but anyway I asked them how they got my number and they said she had left it as a reference for them. (I really doubt that) I suspect they had to do some sluething to even get a nubmer for me. I asked them what they wanted and they stonwalled me and said they couldn't discuss it. I told them if they were unwilling to give me information as to what it was about that they could take a hike. I guess they may never find her as I believe her old telephone number has been disconnected and she is probably using a shared number with someone who has a cell phone---not that I really care. West Asset seems to be very pushy and brassy and I hope they get stifffed.
  21. John Doe (Not Really) 5/3/09 09:21
    West Asset Management has been calling my number and leaving voice mails. The VMs all say that they are looking for someone who is dealing with the final affairs of "John Doe" where "John Doe" is my name. They are essentially fishing for something so I'm just going to ignore them.
  22. Anonymous 26/3/09 19:01
    I agree that it's a bit hypocritical to feel indignant to be called by collections when you legitimately owe a debt.
    However in my case, I'm getting 4-5 calls a day asking for my mother (note, I am 27 years old and haven't shared a phone number or credit line with her in a long time). Once the company heard my voicemail enough times to catch my name, they started asking for me,too. Then they found my work number, and so on ad infinitum to where I can't freely answer the phone. They refuse to disclose the purpose of their call, just keep asking for my mother, and their callers are incredibly nasty. Maybe my mother does owe somebody something, but that's neither my concern nor my business. Whether West Asset Management's behavior is legal I have no idea, but it is beyond obnoxious.
  23. catlady 22/5/09 22:58
    West Asset Mgmt is the second collector that has harassed me about someone else's bill who had my phone number before I got it. I don't know these people they are trying to reach and have told them so and they SAY they will take my number off the list. The calls then get more frequent. WAM is calling me half a dozen times a day starting at 8:00 AM and I am elderly and sleep later than that as I have trouble sleeping because of arthritis pain. The only way to stop these collectors is to send them certified letters that you are not the person they want and demand they stop calling. (You of course can't do this if you ARE the person they want.) Then write a complaint to the FCC. This means paying for a certified letter, but it's worth it.
  24. Milwaukee Rican 27/5/09 23:32
    This damn company just called me tonight asking for a cousin i havent seen in 15 years. my phone nukbers been changed i dont know how many times since then so how the hell did they get my number
  25. Dana 9/6/09 12:01
    Typical... In collections 3% of bad debt will be collected. Which means 97% of those in debt are on the internet complaining about how "unfair" they are being treated. Being rude on the phone with people lying to you (97% of the time) vs stealing from businesses because of a sense of entitlement is hardly the stance of matyrdom that people on make it out to be. The morality of this struggle is clear. Not having as much money as a business doesn't make it right to take from them and not pay them back. The losers in the collections business you speak of are wage earners who get told to drop dead, have their lives threatened or are just treated not like people at all for simply asking how a person intends to pay a bill they racked up. Because some collectors are dirty gives people no right to avoid what they owe, that's as stupid as saying because dirty cops exist you shouldn't have to follow the law. When I was younger and in debt and had collectors calling me I would have never dreamed to blame a debt collector for the fact they were calliing me.. It's called being respondsible for your own actions. Just the same as companies who extend credit to people who can't afford to pay it off deserve to have it defaulted on. These businesses are silly to lend to people who have not the finances to handle such a load and they reap what they sow. Those businesses face the bill collector too now.
  26. Anonymous 18/6/09 19:39
    Thank you, Earl.
    As of today, June 18, 2009, they're still harassing innocent third parties.

    Just now, I received a very mysterious voice message evidently intended for my long-estranged and VERY **DEAD** MOTHER (who, by the way, had a totally different surname than mine and who had never ever had my phone number). The voice message that I received asking for my late mother instructed me to call 1-866-512-8707 and give the reference number provided. I do not know how they obtained my phone number.

    Instead of returning their mysterious call, I Googled that phone number and found the repository of similar accounts posted here on Earl's blog. Thanks, Earl [and others here], for exposing the practices of West Asset Management and for providing a space in which other innocent WAM victims can report their experiences.

    While I suppose it is remotely possible that my late mother departed this life owing [completely uncharacteristic] unpaid bills, I have absolutely no evidence of that and no legal obligation to give a hoot, let alone pay them, if indeed that is what their mysterious call was about. Based on what I have read here, however, I certainly do not intend to communicate with WAM in any way, shape, or form -- unless, of course, they harass me further -- at which point they will be very, VERY sorry they did!

    Debt-free Responsible Adult
  27. Anonymous 22/6/09 22:01
    Today, June 22, 2009, I again received a voice message from WAM. This message was identical to the message I received on June 18. Rather than to contact WAM and possibly subject myself to the bullying that others have reported, I instead consulted the calling features page of my local telephone book. In those pages, along with call forwarding, caller ID, and other special features are included instructions on "Selective Call Rejection" which is a feature allowing users to block the numbers of parties calling even if the user does not know the caller's phone number. For my telephone company, this feature is accessed by dialing *60.

    Debt-free Responsible Adult
  28. Anonymous 26/6/09 18:38
    UPDATE #2:

    Today, June 26, 2009, I received yet another call from 866-512-8707, identical to the previous calls I have reported here. Evidently, my efforts to block this number have failed, so I contacted my phone company for more information.

    While speaking with a representative of my telephone company, I was informed that the "Selective Call Rejection" (SCR) feature will not prevent these unwanted calls from getting through -- which was, of course, obvious, as the receipt of yet another of these calls was the sole reason for my contacting the phone company. The rep told me that only local calls and calls originating from another customer of my telephone company can be blocked by the SCR feature as the blocking occurs internally at the telephone company's switch.

    On the advice of my telephone company's personnel, I now have opened a complaint file with the Federal Trade Commission, by calling the FTC at 1-877-382-4357. The very helpful FTC agent was not only sympathetic, he indeed was quite pleasant and extremely efficient in advising me to send a certified letter to the offending caller demanding that these unwanted calls immediately cease. He also informed me of the FTC's Fair Credit rules which state that debt collectors are allowed to make *ONE* and *only* ONE contact with third parties, and that they must by law stop calling if said third parties demand that the callers stop calling. He then opened a complaint file, gave me a reference number for my complaint, and further advised me to contact the FTC again, using my reference number if the calls continue.

    I asked him if an automated message that is played to me when I answer the phone constitutes one "contact" or if in fact two humans must actually communicate in real time for "contact" to be, in the eyes of the law, considered made. He replied that automated calls unfortunately are an area not specifically covered by the current FTC regulations -- and that perhaps additional legislation is warranted in order to close that loophole as it obviously is being brazenly exploited by outfits such as West Asset Management.

    I am hopeful that this information will be helpful to other innocent third parties who are being harassed by West Asset Management.

    Thank you again, Earl, for providing a forum in which these reports can be posited. As a taxpayer, I was very pleased by the performance of the FTC agent handling my complaint.

    Debt-free Responsible Adult
  29. Anonymous 29/7/09 22:42
    Your daughter may be able to take the Waste Asset Management to court. If they have contacted other neighbors, not sure if this would apply to you and your daughter. But if they contacted neighbors, similar to yours almost, your daughter is entitled to $1000 plus damages. It sounds like blocking, which is illegal, and is punishable by law. If you've been harassed, then it's very likely that your neighbors were also called about her, and they may not want to get involved. An attorney can subpoena their phone records, and see. Each offense is $1000 plus damages. I suggest you get an attorney. It's unethical what they do, and illegal. There are penalties for harassment. Good luck.
  30. Jennifer 14/8/09 18:05
    Hi! Here's what the Nation Consumer Law Center has to say about debt collectors:
  31. sclem 27/8/09 18:56
    as a former employee at the des moines office, i encourge you to contact your congressman and women, what we do at west is unnessacry and unethical, i did this for 2/ 1/2 and today i was fired, but i felt so releaved, we don't enjoy calling your loved one less then a month after they are deceased, or enjoy continuing to harrash your family, it's just upper management pressures us to do so. in particular JEFF YOUNKER. maybe facebook him or something and send him a bunch of junk, but he's the head guy that continues to press us to call everybody, look at your credit reports, hell i got fired today and didn't even feel bad because that job made me feel like shyt everytime i left. i'd say contact your congressman and women, because senator chuck shuman made a law against us leaving messages in the city of new york, and these are unsecure debts, the pratice is crapy, we're even sleevy enough to have an office in jamaica where we pay them like 24cents a day or something, anyways any questions about WEST DCARE collections feel free to email me i apologize for the ones i've called and brough up sour memeories but everybody has to make a living.
    take care
    God bless
  32. Anonymous 3/9/09 17:47
    Hey this might help. I keep a dummy prepaid phone. I use it for businesses or to give when i figure ill get harassed. If they bombard me with calls i add them to my contacts list set the ringtone to none and i dont get bothered when they call.
    If im in a ornery mood and get fed up ill forward the calls to a porn shop or a number of other numbers that will get the point across. The nice thing is i can still get messages i want. I also have a dummy email account for spammers.

    Beat em at their own game.

  33. Anonymous 24/9/09 23:37
    I just got a call from these West Asset Mgt assholes. They tried to collect on a medical debt that has been paid for over a year and had never gone into collections. Their phone # is 443-550-7975. We had been getting phone calls for weeks but every time we answered the phone the call had been dropped. They called at dinner time (of course). They started to ask a lot of questions about my wife and when I refused to give personal information over the phone they hung up. Incensed that someone was trying to find out personal information about my wife I called the number back and got a "Sarah" which after I verified our address (I'm in the phone book anyway and it wasn't my wife's DOB or SSN) "Sarah" told me this was an attempt to collect a debt and that we owed $1192.00! dollars to a local hospital. Dinner now ruined my wife went for our records while I tried over and over again to tell this "Sarah" we had paid the bill. She kept talking over me and told me that unless I quit talking and agreed to pay the bill immediately this "serious credit issue" would not be "resolved" and she would hang up. Then she hung up! I called back immediately , now very pissed off, got insulting and said this was in fact now a "Very Serious" issue to me and I was going to complain to every federal agency I could find. Now, thanks to this blog I know the links to the FTC and the FCC. Thx.
  34. Anonymous 30/9/09 17:29
    I have been getting calls from them recently and finally decided to call them back to find out what it was all about. They said they were collecting a debt which I NEVER OWED. I had already worked it out with the creditor and it had been resolved months ago. He also said they sent my final bill to a PO Box. I DON'T HAVE A PO BOX. He was actually very nice to me, but kept repeating that it was about to go on my credit if I didn't pay the "settlement" amount, which was an astronomical and completely ridiculous figure. He said they had received the debt 15 days ago. I balked that it was already going to hurt my credit, even though I had received nothing in the mail about it, and never even owed it. His advice was to pay it now, and fix it later with the creditor (have them pay me back), when we figured it all out. I finally ended up freaking out and crying, (caught me on a BAD day) saying there was no way I was going to pay for something I didn't owe and he hung up on me. I called the creditor and they have no record of ANY debt going to collections. After reading things online about this company now, I'm convinced it is a scam. If anything appears on my credit, there is going to be hell to pay!
  35. Anonymous 28/12/09 17:13
    I received a call from these jerks today for an alleged bill owed by a third party. I could discern from the background noise that they were recording my voice, which I demanded they stop doing pronto. They refused to do so unless I provided them my name and other personal identification, as well as that of the 3rd party they were trying to reach. I then informed the "lady" who called that I was terminating their call. I traced their call using the telephone company's star-57 feature and also made note of the number on caller ID. It did not take long to locate those "fine business people" online in that they had ID'd themselves as "West Asset Management". Best thing to do would be to totally ignore calls of this nature, but sometimes I just get bored and want to have some "good conversation" with them. If nothing else is accomplished, at least I've wasted some of their time! LOL :)
  36. Lana 25/2/10 15:19
    You can always check a business's "practices" at the better business bureau.
    They have had too many resolved and unresolved complaints in my opinion.
  37. Anonymous 27/9/10 18:12
    well here's one for everyone
    imagine being a victim of identity theft and dealing with these assholes...I've faxed and faxed and mailed and mailed to no assistance from anyone, not to mention the number of laws they have broken

    so here's the best and free info for everyone, contact their Legal & Compliance Department 1-888-433-2886...They were more than willing to assist after my call!
  38. Anonymous 30/11/10 04:32
    Thanks to the above poster for the number to West Asset Management's legal and compliance department. I am getting multiple calls daily from West about the debts of a woman who lives in the other unit in my duplex - apparently they got my number based on the address. I informed them of their error early on and was told that they would not call again, only to have the calls stepped up. Usually, when I am able to get to the phone quickly enough (they do not let it ring past four rings, and they never leave a message) I get a recording rather than a real person, so there is no one to whom I can make a complaint. When I try to call them back (a long distance toll number) I am put on eternal hold and never get to talk to anyone. This is simple, straightforward harassment based on the fact that a debtor has moved in next door to me. I will call the legal and compliance department and hope for a better outcome.
  39. Anonymous 4/11/11 11:06
    Hi, we are getting calls from this company on our home phone(many more then a few) within the last 2 weeks..whenever i answer the phone its dead air then a hang up..i googled the name that shows up on caller id and found a link to this site..neither my husband or i have any outstand debts and the only other people who live in our home are our minor children..doubtful they are out running up a credit card bill..guess they want me to call them back..well after reading these posts..i'm gonna report the number for harrassment.
  40. Anonymous 19/12/11 08:37
    Try encouraging your daughter to pay bills that she owes. If she is 19 it can go on her credit or in some states they can sue her for the balance she owes by ganishing her wages. Be a good mom, call your daughter and encourage her to pay the bill. Also, you said that you decided to get rude and insulting with the debt collectors...Do you want your daughter to get sued or have her credit ruined because you thought it was funny to insult a company that she owes money? Your setting a terrible example, I hope she finds out about the bill before its too late... I worked for West Asset for years and yes we will call until its paid, you can do it the easy way or the hard way. Understand that the bill she signed is a contract. She is violating the law by not paying.
  41. Jl 21/1/12 11:53
    West asset management was hit with a 2.8 million dollar penalty by the federal trade commission in march of 2011 which they agreed to pay , there is justice after all
  42. James 7/8/12 15:33
    Tjthe person contacting me had about the worst phone manners and grammer skills .. uneducated people need jobs to but holy hell, step up the phone skills. I cannot understand mumbling
  43. Anonymous 8/11/12 08:49
    I have been receiving these calls for a person I do not know. He has the same last name as us, but not related. The calls are coming in as a local call or calls from within our state. I answered the one that I assumed was someone from my local area. She asked to speak to "Mike" and I said no one lives here by that name. She said our number was given to them by "Mike". She said she would remove our phone number. I asked her to tell me what company she is with and she refused to tell me. I called the number back and it was West Asset Management. I usually don't answer the phone for numbers out of state or for calls outside of my general area. Now these people are using local numbers!!
  44. Anonymous 21/2/13 16:43
    I am being harassed by West Asset Management for an old student loan. I had brain surgery and have been disabled for years now and living on a tiny fixed income. The debt was supposed to have been written off, but never was. The interest is more than double the loan amount. West Asset continues to call me, despite my asking them in writing to cease doing so. The people working for them are always rude and abusive, yelling in loud voices. They have tried to bully me into giving them a debit card number and personal contacts. They have made several "offers" to me about knocking off interest or reducing the loan amount if I could pay in full, yet they refuse to give me anything in writing, despite MULTIPLE requests on my part to have offers in writing.

    They are also now using local numbers in an attempt to "trick" me into answering phone. When they call, they do not identify themselves, and they ask for personal information (date of birth, etc) to be verified, even though I say I am not willing to verify anything without knowing whom I am speaking with.
  45. Anonymous 5/3/13 23:21
    Person above me. I can't give out any of my personal information but I do currently work for West. The references is mandatory because they don't do a credit check for their rehab programs. I know it's frustrating and trust that many of us do not want to make anything harder for you. Are you 100% disabled? If so, it can be discharged. Student loans are federally backed so even an old one is still very valid unless you are 100% disabled. If it helps, I'm sorry you're going through all this. That's got to be hard. Also, about verifying social or DOB, we are heavily restricted by law to protect the privacy of the debt because of 3rd party regulations. We wish we could just call you and talk like normal people and not robots. It's my dream to just call someone and say "Hey man. I'm sorry you're in this spot. Let me do whatever I can, just give me a few minutes and we'll get this sorted out for you." but the amount of lawsuits because of debt has made it become so clinical. :(
  46. JJ 13/6/13 10:28
    Got a call from West Asset Management INC today and they were demanding that I give them my Social Security Number and address before they could give me any information on why they were calling me. I told them that we were at a stand still because I would not be giving them or even confirming anything until I knew what the call was about and I don't know of this company and have never signed up with them. She went on to tell me she works for this company and would not release any information until she knew she had the right person. I proceeded to tell her that since she could not tell me anything that I would not be confirming anything and I hung up on them. I tell you if there was somewhere to file a complaint I would.
  47. Anonymous 16/6/13 08:36
    Well I had been recieving calls from WEST and the callers which both times were women and they were very very RUDE to me. I kept telling them that I had already paid the company when I was taking therapy and she called me a liar basically. I asked for bill to be sent to my home to verify and they did so what I did was send half of it because I'm trying to buy another home and didn't want it on my Credit and that was 2 weeks ago. I get home last night and I have a refund of the money I sent with no apologies or explanations. Well I think they need more employees like you because it sounds like you generally care but the only thing you get when you are ugly to people is a dial tone grandma always said u can get more bees with Honey than with vinegar..I think that's it.
  48. Paulie 6/5/14 13:32
    Thank God that I got a call blocker box as a gift recently. I am at the pleasant end of the credit world, 845 FICO, zero debt, credit frozen to keep it that way. I have been getting a zillion calls from 404-719-4091 for a couple of weeks, saw the calls piling up in my blocker box, called back to see what was up. They self-identified as West Asset Management, and we got into a "who are you and what are you calling" standoff, whereupon I said quit calling me, they hung up and kept on doing so. Just discovered that they paid a couple of million to settle some legal no-nos, so of course I have filed FCC do not call and FTC complaints. These are pure predators.
  49. bugzstan 18/7/14 17:35
    I know this is old, but I've been getting calls for 2 months from them for a medical bill that ISN'T MINE!! They don't take that as an answer, they keep calling. So, it isn't always people that won't pay debts that they agreed to.
  50. Anonymous 7/8/14 15:44
    They have been calling me over a medical bill that has already been paid!! It was from a car accident where a drug addict hit ME and made it so I CAN'T WALK!!! So FUCK off with you bullshit... And yeah, they are crooked ass people that's why they are constantly being under investigation and have been sued and fined more than any other company!!!
  51. nashville 25/8/14 01:27
    I received a letter from West Asset dated August 1, 2014. It was my first sign that they thought I owed a debt. My son had several surgeries in 2013 and several of his providers incorrectly filed claims so when they were denied payment they apparently decided that I would pay. I contacted each provider and informed them that my son's medical insurer stated that several claims were not filed correctly (by them) so they were denied. They were informed that they need to resubmit the claim with the correct codes. So in the meantime, I was swamped by bills and just trying to pay his copays. I didn't have any contact with West Asset management until this letter. According to the letter, I was allowed 30 days to dispute this alleged debt. I wrote and mailed cmrrr letter requesting validation and license to collect verification on August 13, 2014. On August 15, I received an email notification from informing me that a collection was placed on my credit report. West Asset reported it without allowing me 30 days to respond. I contacted them at the number on their letter and told them I knew they were not allowed to ignore the 30 days to dispute. I asked that they immediately remove any negative information they had put on my credit report until they proved that this was a legitimate and legal debt. The representative said the they would not remove the negative remarks. He said that I needed to mail him proof that I did not owe it. I continued asking is it legal to report unverified and disputed information onto a consumer's credit report and he answer but he did agree that not allowing me to have 30 days was "our (their) bad." I have contacted the consumer affairs division in Tn and the BBB in Omaha NE I am planning on collecting my proof of their "bad" and taking them to court for my $1000.00.

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