William Shatner believes that "You'll have time"

After watching millions of people on many planets, especially extras with the rank of Ensign, die horribly of many exotic causes, William Shatner has finally figured out ... we're all gonna die:

... and now ... back to the thesis. Mike, it's your turn. Try and top this!

4 Response to "William Shatner believes that "You'll have time""

  1. Mike Reino 17/4/08 08:59
    Good Lord, I think I just DID die. Who told Shatner that he could sing?
  2. Speaker's Mafia 18/4/08 00:56
    Oh the humanity! When will this horror stop?!
  3. Anonymous 18/4/08 15:39
    all your Klingon are belong to us
  4. florida moye 23/4/08 19:43
    Terrible terrible

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