William Shatner performs "Taxi"

We're not really sure what to say about this performance by Shatner, except "Back atcha, Mike!".

The Shat dude performs "Taxi" on the Dinah show, telling us the tale of flying high in his taxicab and getting stoned ...

... thesis is almost done folks, so the cheese will stop flying real soon.

4 Response to "William Shatner performs "Taxi""

  1. The Byzantine Rambler 22/4/08 06:11
    Hey Earl:

    What about this news? (Say it ain't so, Joe!)


  2. Mike Reino 22/4/08 07:55
    Harry Chapin is rolling over in his grave - literally. Why couldn't it have been Shatner in the Beetle on the Long Island Expressway ???
  3. tallahassee florida moye 23/4/08 19:41
    It never ends
  4. Leavin Heavin Dude 25/4/08 03:29
    whoa man, scary stuff. that dude is so tripping man.

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