William Shatner - the Transformed Man

As the thesis quagmire continues to suck me in (and believe me, it really does SUCK!!!) ... we in the Blogland present you with this You Tube video has the album cover and the audio of a spoken word performance by the Shat-dude from 1968 ...

... hey Mike, had enough yet?

3 Response to "William Shatner - the Transformed Man"

  1. left houston now in charlotte moye 12/4/08 12:52
    do not get the vice chairman mad earl
  2. Mike Reino 12/4/08 14:36
    Like the Winter Warlock, let me look in my bag of magic tricks, and see if there is anything left...
  3. Anonymous 13/4/08 07:46
    Brian McCarty is the one man responsible for William Shatner and his bad acting and bad singing. When will you learn Earl? I have tried and tried to help you.

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