3 great national delegates: McAbee, Pearson, and Ryggs

Those of us attending Saturday’s GOP convention will have important decisions to make. Yesterday's endorsement of Glenn McCall was intended to provide guidance on one of those decisions.

Regarding other decisions – the matter of filling the state’s remaining national convention delegate slots - there are three candidates who have earned delegate slots: Mary McAbee of Anderson County, Mary Pearson of Dorchester County, and LaDonna Ryggs of Spartanburg County.

All three have distinguished themselves as local Chairs and State Committee members from their respective home counties, as well as leaders in the State Federation of Republican Women. We’ve gotten to know all three of them, and we’re impressed with their records of contributing to the party.

McAbee, Pearson, and Ryggs – why do we support them?

Mary McAbee is a true team player in Anderson County. From Gresham Barrett and Henry McMaster to a whole pack of local candidates, she has worked hard for them. In the 1990s, when Anderson County’s long-time Democratic Party rule was toppled, McAbee was one of those most responsible for electing many of the county’s first generation of elected Republicans. As the current President of the State Federation of Republican Women, she’s worked hard to extend the growing influence of that organization and provide crucial support for the 2008 general election races.

Mary Pearson is no stranger to the Blogland. We endorsed her successful candidacy for Dorchester County Treasurer, in one of the first statewide blogger political efforts. She has a thirty-year record of local, regional, and statewide Republican leadership – you name it, she’s done it. Her creative and hard-driving leadership of the county’s Victory GOTV efforts accomplished amazing results with the most minimal of resources. But she’s not just a political leader - in addition to being the current Treasurer, her business background and community leadership roles, including as a treasurer and trustee for several Dorchester County fire departments, make her a well-rounded leader.

LaDonna Ryggs is one of the reasons the State Federation of Republican Women has become a force to be reckoned with. Under her term as President, which ended last winter, the organization’s influence allowed their members to play key roles in judicial races, seating conservative judges, as well as playing pivotal roles in a number of legislative and gubernatorial appointments. Currently the State Committee representative from Spartanburg, she may be soft-spoken, but her record shows she truly carries a big stick for her Republican team.

Remember these three proven Republican leaders - McAbee, Pearson, and Ryggs.

These three have earned their national delegate slots. They’ll have our votes on Saturday, and we hope you’ll join us in supporting them.

8 Response to "3 great national delegates: McAbee, Pearson, and Ryggs"

  1. Coke Stevenson 29/5/08 07:34
    People angry at Bill McAbee should not hold that against Mary McAbee.

    Mary earned her shot at this, and should be the choice at convention.
  2. Kingsransom 29/5/08 10:24
    Mary won't get more than 2 votes from Anderson county. She couldn't get elected at the district convention, it won't happen at the state.

    Angry republicans will take it out on Mary. It is unfortunate. She's a pretty good person, but she has burned a lot of bridges taking up for her husband. He has turned his back on Republicans in Anderson. He has voted to raise taxes and grow government. He has spent thousands of dollars on credit cards and charged it to the county. He is a poor excuse for a leader and councilman.

    Mary has gotten caught up in his mess. She will pay the price. I hate it for her, but she will not get my vote on Saturday. BTW,I live in Oconee and have talked to my delegation about not voting for McAbee
  3. already a delegate moye graham 29/5/08 13:02
    I will certainly consider them but they are not on my short list of candidates not that I have a problem with any of them we can only vote for so many and I am going to vote for Andre Bauer, Mark Hammond for sure and have promised a couple of others that work hard for the GOP Sandra Bryan for one. If Hugh Weathers runs again since he only won a Alternate spot at the District level I need to vote for him and believe it or not my son is on the ballot from Williamsburg county so I have to vote for him I am his Father you know.
  4. Joshua Gross 29/5/08 13:57
    While you're on the subject - I'm also running for National Delegate. I'm running as an across-the-board conservative (Fiscal, Social, and Security). I'd appreciate your vote and your support.

    ...good suggestions, by the way...
  5. wish i was at the palms wyboo moye 29/5/08 22:04
    So Earl you should run then if Joshua was serious we all three could party in the Twin Cities together.
  6. Earl Capps 29/5/08 23:30
    Moye, not interested. I want to stay close to home for a while as I recover from grad school.
  7. Kingsransom 31/5/08 17:56
    Mary Mac didn't make the list. I told you folks in the upstate are very, very bitter about the way Bill has conducted himself. Mary is just part of the colateral damage.

    Big win for conservatives today.
  8. Anonymous 1/6/08 15:54
    Looks like you made some good picks there. Two of three made delegate or alternate.

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