9th Circuit Solicitor candidates, here in the Blogland

Without a doubt, the Ninth Circuit GOP primary is shaping up to be highest-profile primary fight in the Lowcountry. Skilled litigators, they've been dueling with greater intensity across the Lowcountry for months now.

When you look at the records of the candidates, you’ll quickly see that both are heavyweights in their profession: they’ve a drug-dealing Sheriff sent to prison until he died, put cop killers on death row, and rounded up organized gangs. If one was out to recruit a candidate, we don’t think they could have found two better ones.

While there are two top-notch prosecutors in this race, only one can win. That’s why we’ve decided to invite them into the Blogland to take a few questions and let us get to know a little bit more about them.

Tomorrow begins a two-day series of Inside Interviews. We flipped a coin, so tomorrow is Scarlett Wilson, followed by Blair Jennings on Friday.

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