All fear the whip of Wonder Woman

For decades, we’ve seen the fates of those who dared cross Wonder Woman. No matter how easily she vanquished the enemies of truth, justice, and the admirers of hot babes … uhhh … the American Way, criminals always seemed eager to take her on - and pay dearly for their poor judgement. Thus, the staff at Marvel Comics always kept their jobs to draw another day.

You can add one Mr. Jeremy Nordstrom, formerly of the Myrtle Beach area, to the list of those who learned the hard way that Wonder Woman doesn’t mess around.

Mr. Nordstrom was charged with felony DUI the night he blew a staggering .234 and killed two young ladies who were celebrating a birthday party. Ironically, they were passengers in the car they were in, having the good sense to call someone to get them after they had had too much to drink.

According to the Sun News story, this guy was no stranger to getting in trouble:

Nordstrom was free on bond at the time of the crash after being charged with driving under the influence in 2006 when he crossed the centerline and struck a motorcyclist in Murrells Inlet. He also pleaded guilty to reckless driving and open container in 1998 after being arrested for DUI. In 2001, he was charged with DUI in Pennsylvania and possession and intent distribute marijuana and placed in a pre-trial intervention program.

When Mr. Nordstrom pled guilty, Wonder Woman wielded the mighty whip of justice, harshly, but (in our humble opinion) justly:

Judge Kristi Harrington sentenced Nordstrom to 21 years in prison for each of the two counts of causing death and 15 years to the count of causing great bodily injury. The sentences will run concurrently.

"It was your decision to order drink after drink after drink," Harrington said. "And it was your decision to get behind the wheel of that car."

In politics, it is disappointing when candidates get elected with lots of hard work, only to let their supporters down by becoming something they’re not. In this case, along with others we've been informed of, Judge Harrington's many supporters from across the state should be proud of her.

We know we sure are.

When Wonder Woman wields the golden whip of justice, South Carolina is truly a safer place.

... and if Wonder Woman's golden whip doesn't scare ya, then check out the chick in this video. We wouldn't wanna make her mad:

2 Response to "All fear the whip of Wonder Woman"

  1. elvis will leave the building tomorrow moye 31/5/08 22:11
    pretty damn tough sentence. my best friend at the time lost his daughter who was home from clemson for the weekend to go to a wedding and also her best friend who was home for the same. they were riding together. I was with my friend at a dinner party near the accident scene. the lights flicked and someone made a comment some drunk must had hit a pole. five minutes later we were told what caused it. a convicted drunk driver of several times ran a stop sign and killed them both at goat island on lake marion. here in clarendon he pled guilty to two counts of felony dui with two counts of vehicle homicide or what ever and due to our demographics the family accepted instead of going to court because they were scared he would pull a jury that would let him off and also the lawyer he had whom we both know. the judge gave hime 10 years for both and could get parole within a few years. this guy had been convicted in orangeburg county also several times and was from that side of the lake. before the accident he admited leaving a party running in a ditch his dad and brother pulled him out and still gave him the keys back. this person had a young son that his grandmother ended up with while this bag of dirt was in prison. we all make mistakes but we certainly must learn from them or else we should pay the price. I still do not know all the details of this but damn this is a hell of a sentence. i aint saying too much but this is harsh.
  2. Anonymous 1/6/08 15:52
    Too bad he pled. I'd have loved for wonder woman to have tossed him out of her invisible jet at about 20,000 feet.

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