Blogland goes to Spartanburg

Yesterday, we visited with the good folks of the Spartanburg GOP for their hospitality at their cookout yesterday, during our weekend on the road.

While there, we talked with a number of people, including Glenn McCall, who was traveling and stumping for the vacant RNC seat, Sarah Knuckles, the new 5th District SCDOT commissioner, our friends Robert and LaDonna Ryggs ... and even Rick Beltram.

We want to thank Rick for not shooting us on sight. We certainly have given him plenty of reason to do so.

It was a great opportunity to talk with our readers, thank them for their support, and get a little chance to peek under the hood of Upstate politics.

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  1. wish i was in trona california moye 26/5/08 13:09
    so how was rick

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