Campaign prank of the year

We saw this video from an Upstate race and were laughing our collective tails off.

Four years ago, Lee Bright came within dozens of votes of ousting an incumbent Senator. This time around, he's facing current State Rep. Scott Talley for the now-vacant Senate seat, and it looks like both sides are going all-out to win the seat.

A recent Lee Bright campaign fundraiser was "crashed" when a boat with a 4x8 sign for Scott Talley floated back and forth offshore of the event. This video shows the unknown Talley supporter having a little fun, as well as Bright taking the whole thing too seriously.

Our advice to Lee Bright - don't get pissed off. Counter-prank 'em. Have a little fun at their expense:

Personally, we recommend sending this guy to board the next Talley boat, or lead a raid:

We don't like sleazy dirty tricks in campaigns, but moments like these provide some much-needed stress relief for both sides. Maybe Bright's people took this too seriously, but we do appreciate them YouTubing this to lighten our day.

3 Response to "Campaign prank of the year"

  1. west_rhino 27/5/08 11:59
    Earl, we'll know that Mike is going to do the Blutarsky thing when he shaves the 'stache and tiptoes off with the rad bandana.

    OTOH, that's Mike, tiptoeing is out of the question.
  2. hope mills nc moye 27/5/08 17:43
    I have a good friend working on this campaign for Talley. I believe Talley to be the best choice of the two and hope to speak to him this weekend.
  3. The old hack 29/5/08 07:32
    What Bright should have done was laugh his ass off, and then call out to the guys on the boat to come get something to eat.

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