Campaign season bloopers

We in the Blogland would be nothing without our readers – they love us, they hate us, send us William Shatner video links, occasionally pick up our bar tab (talk about asking for trouble) … and sometimes they give us great story leads that are so good, even we can't make up.

Special thanks go out to our readers who shared these interesting moments from two Lowcountry State House races:

Know your candidate

East of the Cooper, GOP House candidate (and current Isle of Palms Mayor) Mike Sottile came under quick and early attack from Club for Growth, who endorsed Joe Bustos, his primary opponent:

His opponent, Isle of Palms Mayor Mike Sottile, seems to be running in large part to bring more state resources back to his home community. An article about his announcement quoted him saying that his coastal district needed “more state assistance.”

A recent mailing from Bustos seemed to challenge his Club for Growth backers, promising voters:

"Make no mistake about it - my FIRST PRIORITY will be to fight for our fair share of state government's attention - both in funding and law making.”

Maybe the voters aren't making mistakes, but we certainly have to ask ourselves if Club for Growth isn't making a few? It's a question we've asked before, and so has Bob Dalton at the Spartanburg Herald-Journal. Different races ... more "mistakes".

Is it Lowcountry – or Low Country?

Up in Summerville, realtor and attorney Jenny Horne (either she’s real busy or maybe she can’t make up her mind?) is facing GOP Representative Heyward Hutson in a rematch of their fall special election primary battle. A Dorchester County native, raised up in Ridgeville, sent out a recent mailing referring to the “Low Country”.

Spelling “Lowcountry” as “Low” and “Country” is a grievous sin which is usually only to be expected from those who recently arrived from points far north of Ridgeville. While we don’t know if Jenny failed to proof-read her mailings or if she authored them, we’ll give her the benefit of a doubt and suggest that she reads this stuff before it goes out.

Got a blooper story of your own?

Help us keep a little humor and light-heartedness in this usually-nasty primary season. If you’ve got any good candidate bloopers,
drop us an email and let us know.

2 Response to "Campaign season bloopers"

  1. Anonymous 6/5/08 10:07
    The real blooper is that so few people in this state know what their elected officials are up to- pork festivals and boondoggle football just to name a couple. All with your money! I hope all of them get sent home in June.
  2. west_rhino 6/5/08 12:54
    How's this for a blooper? One party's candidate for national committeeman's e-mail hailed his participation in "the First District convention in Columbia"...

    Last time I heard Wayland Moody had the First District Convention set to be held in Hanahan, does living in Columbia distort the district lines? Nevermind the fact the Roberta is on the list that endorsed the typophilic candidate. Check your e-mails Earl, if you'r not on his poop list, you might find that zinger.

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