Ed Koch: "History Will Redeem Bush"

We don't know what it is about prominent Jewish Democrats that makes them support the President, aside from maybe their ancestral connections to the Middle East, which make the threat of militant Islam far more real, and thus more relevant, to them.

We've often talked about "Fightin' Joe" Lieberman, but another well-known Northeastern Democratic icon, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, sounds off in continued support of President Bush:

Today, with the passage of time, most historians and certainly the American people, see Truman in a different light, primarily for his willingness to stand firm against Soviet aggression, whether against Greece or South Korea, and proclaim the Truman Doctrine, effectively defending the free world from Soviet efforts to expand their hegemony. Like Truman, George W. Bush, in my view, will be seen as one of the few world leaders who recognized the danger of Islamic terrorism and was willing with Tony Blair to stand up to it and not capitulate.

The rest of the op-ed is well worth a read. Go check it out.

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