Erickson, Ceips turn on St. Helena's Island traffic signals

1Monday morning saw U.S. Group reach the final major milestone on it's Sea Island Parkway (U.S. 21) widening project on St. Helena's Island - the activation of two new traffic signals. These signals were the last part of the project affecting traffic, completed three months ahead of schedule.

Joining us for the occasion were Representative Shannon Erickson and Senator Catherine Ceips. Our latest on-the-job trainees, they eagerly studied the challenges of programming and operating a traffic signal control unit (also known as a cabinet):

They then formed a project team to execute the most important task - flipping the switch to activate the signals:

Here they are posing for photos with Lee Murray, our Project Manager (the short guy), and Archie Evans, our Project Superintendent (the tall guy):

6 Response to "Erickson, Ceips turn on St. Helena's Island traffic signals"

  1. Anonymous 21/5/08 06:04
    Where was Tom? Where was Tom? He is a candidate. He has the Governor's ear. Where was Tom? Where was Tom?
  2. Anonymous 21/5/08 08:40
    Earl, I tell you what. Sic Willie may give us pics of young women kissing, but you take it to the next level and give us pics of women flipping switches in public.

    Talk about girls gone wild. Your stuff rocks!
  3. jfk blvd houston moye 21/5/08 13:55
    what a photo op
  4. Mike Reino 21/5/08 18:00
    Don't say Catherine Ceips and turned on in the sme sentence.
  5. Earl Capps 21/5/08 23:35
    geez, mike, talk about short attention span. you read the first four words of the title and you're already jumping to conclusions.

    what i forgot to mention was that erickson requested the project management team sign a safety vest that she'll have framed and put up in her statehouse office. how cool is that?!?
  6. Anonymous 22/5/08 08:16
    I'm surprised you could get those two to cooperate long enough to smile for the camera.

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