Florence GOP coup in the works?

We have reports that when two Florence County GOP officers arrive at today's state GOP convention, Vice-Chair Mike Reino and Secretary Tommy Grimes, they will be met by the Florence County GOP Chair, Tommy Phillips, who will inform them that he is removing them from their offices.

Our sources inform us that Phillips is justifying this ouster on the basis of the two being elected Sixth District GOP officers - Grimes as District Chairman and Reino as District Vice-Chairman.

If the allegations are true, the next questions that come to mind are:

1) Can they be removed for this reason, and
2) Does Phillips have the authority to act without a vote of the Florence County GOP Executive Committee?

To us, this seems to be a rather mean thing to do, and probably counter-productive. Given the tough fights the Florence GOP will face this fall to hold Phillip Lowe's District 60 State House seat and re-elect their recently-switched Sheriff (their second-ever courthouse officer), the idea of picking fights amongst one's fellow Republicans seems a little short-sighted to us.

If this is really Mr. Phillips' plan, we hope he'll reconsider these plans and seek a solution other than such a harsh and unilateral action.

1 Response to "Florence GOP coup in the works?"

  1. Mike Reino 31/5/08 16:56
    I'll have an announcement related to this tomorrow in all likelihood. Suffice to say, a decision was made unilaterally by myself, based on other reasons. Ones based on sound thought, not political plotting. Honestly, i'm not sure if this was the Chair's intention, and I don't care anyway. See ya at SC6 tomorrow.

    Thanks for the concern, Earl !

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