Glenn McCall wins landslide - SCGOP convo recap

Thanking his supporters, newly-elected RNC Committeeman Glenn McCall proclaimed “I’m ready to fight” to the attendees of the 2008 South Carolina GOP convention. Making no bones about his Christian faith, McCall was backed by a broad coalition of Republicans, he easily brushed aside opposition by interim National Committeeman Drew McKissick, whose candidacy was largely backed by movement social conservatives, including Roberta Combs and Senator Mike Fair.

Expectations of a close race quickly faded when the first counties called out their counts, revealing overwhelming delegate support for McCall. Most of the rural counties broke almost unanimously for McCall, and lopsided wins in early large delegations, such as Aiken, Charleston, and Dorchester, gave McCall an unexpectedly strong lead.

The lone standout against the McCall tide was Berkeley County, home of Christian Coalition director Roberta Combs. McCombs and many of the county’s GOP leadership supported McKissick. Going against McCall 23-1, most of their delegates, Combs and her allies included, walked when the race ended.

We were proud to have supported Glenn, and know that he will be a strong leader on the Republican National Committee. We know he’ll do his home state proud.

By contrast to the overwhelming support McCall received, one major loser at today’s convention was Governor Mark Sanford. His speech received a lukewarm reception by attendees, and while others such as Jim DeMint and Andre Bauer were surrounded by packs of friendly attendees, he was seldom seen with more than one person at a time (even former Secretary of State Jim Miles seemed to have a bigger following). Often he was off on the sidelines by himself, and even sat down with the Dillon County delegation at one point.

As shown in this picture, even people standing next to him were ignoring him. Not a good sign.

For someone who once scored an upset win over an incumbent Governor just six years ago, this weak reception was a sign of how far many in his party had distanced themselves from him. In spite of having backed him in a major way in 2002, like most attendees, we kept our distance from him and avoided being seen anywhere near him.

Other memorable moments included:

Sunny Phillips working hard on the convention, as well as growing her family.

Horry County Rep. Alan Clemmons being the eager water boy of the event.

Mike Reino, GOP Sixth District Vice-Chair, caught plotting with Britton Pruett, a Clarendon County GOP State House candidate.

Seeing Glenn McCall conduct his first press conference as an RNC representative.

Saying hello to the friendly folks from Bonnie Blue Public Relations, who coordinated a great direct mail effort for McCall.

The convention was, as is always the case, a well-run event put on by the state GOP and many hard-working staff and volunteers. Our hat’s off to Katon and the team for putting on a great show.

Last, but by no means the least, we want to thank the many Blogland readers in attendance. We continue to be amazed at how well-read the Blogland has become, and flattered that so many of you deem us worthy of your online reading time. We hope that we will continue to live up to your expectations (maybe next time we need to have a new media table?).

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7 Response to "Glenn McCall wins landslide - SCGOP convo recap"

  1. on the way to costa rica soon moye 31/5/08 21:56
    nice day man
  2. Linda Riney 1/6/08 08:40
    Congratulations to Glenn!!!!!! It would appear the choke hold on our State organization has loosened a bit. Why didn't The Blogland mention that Queen Latifah and company beat a hasty (and early)retreat when her boy Drew was unsuccessful? I think that was an important part of the convention story. Talk about new news.
  3. Kristin 1/6/08 15:28
    As a "social conservative" (and every other kind of conservative)I was excited to be with Glenn from the very beginning of his run for RNC Committeeman.

    I think it wasn't a matter of "breaking a stranglehold" of any one group. It was about electing the most articulate and most effective spokesman for the SC GOP.

    There were some hard feelings of "betrayed" relationships, but we have to grow up and realize that personal agenda has to come second to moving the conservative ball forward.
  4. Terry Hardesty 1/6/08 15:47
    Not sure how you got the 23-1. I recall ousted former Berkeley County Party Chairman Bill Wilcox (who seemed to be acting as BCRP Delegation Chair) going to the mike and amnnouncing 14-1. I distinctly rememeber, since I was one lonely vote for McCall from Roberta's Christian Coalition lemmings.
  5. Earl Capps 1/6/08 15:49
    Kristin - we meant that term to identify those whose primary political orientation is made with regard to social issues.

    We certainly agree with them on many issues, respect them as fellow Republicans, and would never want to go into a tough electoral fight without them at our side.

    We just disagree with those who demean the views and values of many social conservatives by trying to portray them as a single, monolithic bloc, or as a herd of cows which only certain people can control - or deliver (for a price).

    Such people tried to play a role in yesterday's vote, but ended up on the losing side. As you pointed out, those who put their team and qualifications first backed the winning candidate.

    Certainly Glenn is who he is and we respect and support him for those reasons. We're darn proud of the guy and know he'll do great things.

    Thanks for tuning in and taking a minute to speak out. Please keep it up.
  6. on the way to costa rica soon moye 1/6/08 21:37
    Kristin will certainly be a good choice for any office we have. You know the one I am talking about.
  7. Anonymous 1/6/08 22:01
    I've seen some fo teh betrayed feelings after several sets of slates for one groups purposes meant to be distributed to specific delegations so that, hypothetically, Roberta's name and a few others are on all of the slates distributed by group X but those meant for the upstate omit several Dorchester, Charleston and Horry county folks, substituting another regions locals. Not that it would constitute voter fraud on any greater level than the opposition practices in November, but when let's say a Dorchester bubba has been schmoozed into convincing his fellow delegates to drink the koolaid finds the alternative versions which are full slates, but omit him and a few select others, one cna understand how they begin feeling for the handle of the knife in their back...

    Again, just hypothetical in the use of Roberta's "often maligned" name.

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