Graduation night

It was a heckuva night for the Blogland down at the College of Charleston, as yours truly walked across the stage at the college's Sotille Theater to become one first to receive the College's new Master of Arts degree in Communication.

Having gone from a 10th grade drop-out with a GED to a Master's degree. Those who say the American Dream is dead ... well, they're wrong.

Here are some pictures from the evening's events:

Chatting with Senator John Land (caught collaborating, some say)

A hug from my little one

Me and my mother

The youngest graduate

... stay tuned for reports from tomorrow's graduation party.

3 Response to "Graduation night"

  1. moye 9/5/08 23:32
  2. tammy 10/5/08 00:38
    YAY Earl! Congrats! Wooohoo. Wish I could make the graduation party but since I can't...imagine my hand sending you an "Ozzy loves you." :) t
  3. paul adams 10/5/08 18:29
    Congratulations Earl! A well deserved honor.

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