Graduation party report

Moncks Corner, South Carolina, was ground zero for a good time today as the Blogland Graduation Party rocked and rolled the packed-to-the-walls Train Depot. Those of you who missed it ... missed a truly great time with great people.

But we're still trying to figure out who invited the riot squad.

While we were disappointed not to see big-time GOP leaders like Rick Beltram and Wade Arnette take time out of their busy schedules to join us, a lot of others did come - from work, academia, family, church ... and of course, plenty of politicos.

We were especially surprised, and appreciative, at the company of those who traveled from the Upstate to join us - longtime SCFRW leader LaDonna Ryggs and her husband Robert from Spartanburg County, our long-time friend Rep. Carl Gullick and GOP National Commmitteeman candidate Glenn McCall (who we support) from York County, and Dan Rushing of TELICS (not a politico-just a swell guy we've worked with a lot over the years on a professional basis).

We did receive an offer from the legendary FITSnews girls to do a strip show. We hated to do this, since we knew Moye was coming with great BBQ from three different counties (really Moye - THANKS!!!), but since there were kids there, we had to turn that one down. Darnit.

Fellow bloggers Mike Reino and Joshua Gross made it.
Mike's already sounded off on the event, and Joshua did one as well. The problem with bloggers is that you just can't keep a secret once guys like these show up.

Of course, the event wouldn't have gone down without mom, along with a few aunts and cousins.

The highlight of the event was clearly the roast. Indeed, we were roasted ... after years of dishing it out, an evening of taking it was ... well, better handled after downing a few beers. With Charles Schuster, the leader of the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club serving as emcee, it was full of non-stop laughs and some moments that I'll never forget. In a couple of days, we're going to share the video footage of the roast with our viewers, along with memorable quotes, so stay tuned.

Thanks again for all of you who showed up - and those who were invited but didn't show ... your loss.

13 Response to "Graduation party report"

  1. The Byzantine Rambler 11/5/08 06:47
    While I could not be with you in the flesh, I was with you in spirit, and pray that no one suffered any long term effects from the pepper spray!

  2. moye graham 11/5/08 10:26
    Certainly glad I could make it. It was fun. Sorry I had to leave so fast.
  3. Rick Beltram 11/5/08 13:57
    Darn sorry I missed it. I got a last minute call stating that they were roasting you. My questions were, "Who caught him?" and whether they were going to use mustard or vinegar based sauce on you.

    But, I never got a response, so, I started offering really low price event planning at GOP HQ instead with my new event company(Bonehead to the nth, LLC).
  4. Anonymous 11/5/08 18:44
    The last comment was not me but some kind of crackpot imposter!
    Sorry that I could not make it!
    We have a very involved candidates' debate on Monday (see SHJ story today) and I asked ALL of our officers to attend a last minute planning meeting at noon on Saturday....I was with you in spirit!
    Read all about our event on Tuesday.
    Thank you for the invitation.

    Rick Beltram
  5. William Shatner 11/5/08 23:01
    Sorry I couldn't make it, Scotty broke the transporter and there was something on the wing...
  6. Wade, Bill and Bill of Berkeley 12/5/08 00:17
    Earl, you may not have invited us, but rest assured, we were right out outside, watching, and waiting ... had that hailstorm not come through, we would have had you in our grasp.

    When we find you, we'll do more than bounce checks off your head, just wait and see.
  7. Willie Shatner 12/5/08 11:16
    I think Wade was on the wing...

    Kirk out!
  8. Anonymous 12/5/08 12:03
    We call BS on that excuse. We all know Scotty broke the bottle of single malt instead. Or better put, Scotty broke into the single malt a little early.

  9. Kirk out! 12/5/08 18:15
    Sulu, we all know Scotty likes his Scotch as old as, never mind, this IS usually family oriented...
  10. Tom Brokaw 13/5/08 12:07
    Earl, can you confirm reports that your priest did not attend because of the level of debauchery that was expected to occur at the event?
  11. Lambert St. Louis International airport moye 13/5/08 16:43
    Hope you ate some of the BBQ it would not had been right for you without your favorite dish
  12. Earl Capps 13/5/08 18:11
    Tom Brokaw - it was fun, but not THAT much fun, sorry. If you missed it, you missed a really good time.

    Moye - I didn't get time to eat the entire time. I think I finally got something to eat about 9pm that night, once we had cleaned up and gotten the place locked up.

    There wasn't much left, just half a thing of Brown's, but you should know your BBQ run was a big hit with everyone. Thanks!!!
  13. Anonymous 15/5/08 10:57
    TO-GA ... TO-GA ... TO-GA!!!

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