Graduation Party videos

Ok everyone ... we spent weeks telling you about the big Blogland Graduation Fest, inviting you and hoping you'd make it. Some of you did, others didn't - those that didn't make it, missed a really great time ... and free beer as well.

We told you it would be a party, but we didn't tell most that the event would include a roast of yours truly. We could tell you about it, and we did try, but when all is said and done, nothing does it better than video. The videos from this occasion, which we'll be putting out on a piecemeal basis for our readers, will share some of the good, bad, and ugly from this event.

Gary Stroble, my company's operations manager, marvels at how well I used school to avoid work, and used work to avoid school:

Fellow blogger Mike Reino of SC6 fame, talks about my efforts to fit in with younger college students, using my love for heavy metal:

Britton Pruett, who I'll be helping in her challenge of Clarendon Rep. Cathy Harvin, admits she was never so afraid of someone wearing a plaid shirt (correction - I don't own plaid shirts, but I do have a lot of beach shirts):

Mike Reino breaks the news that Rick Beltram couldn't make it:

Be sure to check back daily as we roll out more clips from the event

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  1. like that movie moye 23/5/08 13:35
    it was fun

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