Huckabee endorses McCall for SCGOP National Commiteeman

An email we received this evening from a top Glenn McCall advisor let us know that former Arkansas Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has endorsed the candidacy of York County GOP chair Glenn McCall to fill the recently-vacated National Committeeman seat.

Such involvement in a race for a National Committeeman slot is most unusual, but McCall apparently has made connections and is eagerly working to call upon these friends to boost his candidacy in what is expected to be a close race.

We also understand McCall may be receiving other national-level endorsements in upcoming days. Should these reports turn out to be true, we'll be sure to share this news with your readers as soon as it lands on our desk.

1 Response to "Huckabee endorses McCall for SCGOP National Commiteeman"

  1. houston texas moye 20/5/08 17:41
    I just talked to Glenn McCall and he did not mention this.

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