John Land to address the Blogland and CofC Graduate Students on May 9

This year’s speaker for the Spring 2008 graduation ceremony for Master’s graduates at the College of Charleston is long-time Senate Democratic Leader John Land. In attendance, as a graduating Master's candidate, is the Blogland’s own Earl Capps.

Believe it or not, this is purely coincidence.

We first met John Land a couple of years back, at the event marking the completion of work on the four-laning of U.S. 521 in Manning. His efforts to prioritize the widening of U.S. 521 from Sumter to the coast have borne considerable fruit, with nearly half that section of the highway widened since 2000. It’ll be a major asset for economic development in that region, not to mention a great help for hurricane evacuation for the booming Georgetown County portion of the Grand Strand.

Agree with the guy or not, he’s survived over three decades of South Carolina politics and come out on top of a lot of scraps and feuds. His wife is passionate about the College and we know he takes her concerns to the General Assembly, and we appreciate that.

While CofC doesn’t have the volume of alumni in the General Assembly that USC and Clemson does, having the Senate Democratic Leader’s wife on the college's board and Glenn McConnell as an active alumni (we talk with him every year at the big graduation week Alumni social) makes a big difference. Until this state gets a Board of Regents system for its colleges to rationalize the allocation of higher ed resources, Senators Land and McConnell go a long way to helping CofC offset the political muscle that backs Clemson and USC.

On May 9th, we promise to behave while he’s speaking, listen politely, and clap with everyone else. So if you want to see him interrupted by yelling, air horns, or the squeal of pigs, don't ask us to do it.

We’ll leave that to the Governor and his cohorts.

6 Response to "John Land to address the Blogland and CofC Graduate Students on May 9"

  1. west_rhino 5/5/08 09:52
    Were Gary McLeod to demand equal time, this being an election year, one might expect a few turkey and goose calls to be secreted among the tuxedoed crowd... it is easier to hide a super soaker under the traditional gown though.
  2. Earl Capps 5/5/08 09:58
    West - unlike the undergrads, the Masters' graduation is traditional cap, hood, and black gown. While I understand the tradition behind the undergrad attire, I like the academic traditional attire better.

    They'll even have us indoors, over at the Sotille Theatre. Even better. I won't have to get soaked until I run up the street for Greek Fest.

    Lots of room to hide super-soakers too.
  3. Manning Moye 5/5/08 17:45
    Glad you finally got done with this. So whats next on the Education agenda. You know I am trying to be nice.
  4. Earl Capps 5/5/08 18:09
    i'm not exactly sure yet, but i think it's gonna involve lots of alcohol this weekend.
  5. Anonymous 9/5/08 22:05
    Earl, you told who was at CofC's graduate commencement exercises. The question is who is NOT going to the undergraduate commencement (morning) exercises on Saturday. The president of CofC. that's right, he is not attending both ceremonies. Just the p.m. exercises. Times have changed at CofC. BTW, congrats to you.
  6. Earl Capps 9/5/08 22:23
    anon - i wasn't pleased with the idea of splitting up the graduations, but i don't know what other options they had.

    but do i think two undergraduate graduations means good things? not really. the absence you point out is probably a sign of things to come.

    thanks for the kind words.

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