Lauren Gentry bill moving forward in spite of resistance

We want to thank the Senators who unanimously moved Rep. Erickson's Lauren Gentry bill out of subcommittee and up to the full Education Committee ("Representative Erickson's bill shines light on the problem of punks in S.C. schools "):

Reports have come our way that this bill is now facing resistance from officials with the state's High School League, who wants to address this issue administratively, promising they can now address the problem faced by Gentry and too many others without the need for a legislative remedy.

If they could fix this problem, and really wanted to, it would have been done already and Rep. Erickson wouldn't have needed to sponsor the bill. Having failed to solve the problem on their own, they should drop these eleventh-hour delaying tactices and help those, like Erickson, who are trying to do something about it.

This bill needs to be passed, and in this legislative session. No excuses, no stalling tactics.

We appreciate the reception this bill has had in the Senate thus far, and hope the Senators will continue to keep this bill moving forward until it reaches Governor Sanford's desk.

No student should be afraid in South Carolina schools, nor punished for trying to get away from threats to their well-being.

2 Response to "Lauren Gentry bill moving forward in spite of resistance"

  1. on vacation in cumberland county nc moye 27/5/08 17:45
    while I do not know a lot of details I do know that a lot of atheletes change school for various reasons to play on a powerhouse team or help make one. I know a lot of examples of this and while we do not want anyone to get bullied do we really know if all the truth with this kid is out and real
  2. Earl Capps 27/5/08 18:47
    Moye, it's my understanding that she has a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend.

    Allegations are one thing, but when someone actually goes through the process of getting a restraining order, I think it gives some credibility to their efforts to transfer.

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