Lauren Gentry's bill before Senate Education Subcommittee tomorrow

Recently, we sang the praises of a bill by Representative Shannon Erickson ("Representative Erickson's bill shines light on the problem of punks in S.C. schools "):

Erickson submitted the bill in February in response to a case involving Lauren Gentry, a star softball player at Battery Creek High who transferred to Beaufort High to escape harassment from an ex-boyfriend.

The S.C. High School League’s executive committee has twice denied her eligibility to play softball, citing a rule that students who change from one public school to another without a change in address cannot play sports for one year.

The committee ruled in March that Gentry’s case didn’t meet its hardship exemption, and Gentry missed her senior season of softball after being Battery Creek’s most valuable player in 2007.

Tomorrow, this bill goes in front of a subcommittee of the Senate Education Committee, led by Senator Wes Hayes from York County. We understand that Ms. Gentry will be there in person to provide testimony regarding this bill. While it's too late for her, we are proud that she has the courage to continue to stand up for the rights of others who may become the victims of schoolground stalkers.

We know it's late in the session, so we appreciate the willingness of Hayes and his colleagues to listen to the concerns of those who, like Gentry, are being preyed upon by those who should be in jail, not stalking the hallways of our public schools.

We would ask the Senators in this committee to listen to the facts which will be presented to them by Gentry and others, and we hope they will vote to send this worthy bill to the full Senate.

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  1. still in texas moye 20/5/08 17:45
    They should let the kids transfer at will and play at will no matter what address. I would like to see all the good athletes go to one school they the college recruiting would be easier and better. Freedom of choice. I know her case was different and if what happened to her is true she should not have suffered. There was a lot of times when I was in school I wish I could had transfered to get away from ex girl friends. Could this sort of be the case here. Maybe to go to a better school. Could this sort of be the case here. Lot of questions.

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